Friday, April 29, 2011

In A Galaxy ... Right Near Here

I am a baby of the 60's, a child of the 70's, and a teen of the 80's.  When I stop and think about all of the innovations to everyday living that have happened in my life, it stops me in my tracks.  Think about that with my parents having been born in the 1930s and the 1940s, what amazing things have happened in their lifetime! 
When I was a senior in high school in 1986, my government teacher was on the short list for being the first teacher in space.  It was devastating to all when the Challenger exploded.  It was one of those "I remember exactly what I was doing" moments of my life.  Our business teacher had rolled the TV into our classroom so we could all watch the launch.  Stunned, absolutely stunned.  I can still see it as clearly as if it had happened a few minutes ago instead of the 25 years that has lapsed.
Anyway, that doesn't have too much to do with this post except for the outer space part.  I wanted to show you some of Chris's marbles (yes, had to shake them loose from his head this morning, jk :0), and as the shuttle will launch today, I thought this was a great opportunity to show you his Dichroic "galaxy" marbles!  When people look at them, they always comment that it looks like you could step into outer space!  I agree, I could spend hours turning them round and round.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Etsy Spotlight Thursday

It all started with some beads.

That is how I met Lori Ramotar.  I loved these hand painted beads and ordered some for making into fringed bracelets.  Lori writes the blog "Kitties and Cupcakes" based on two of her many passions.  She is amazingly versatile in her creativity, everything from hand painted beads, original paintings, prints, handmade and hand stamped jewelry, and now the addition of hand felted brooches and hair accessories.

This is actually Lori modeling one of her felted hair clips
Several of her paintings and prints have come to live at my house and at my sister-in-law's (she collects angels).
just added to my new bathroom decor

in my kitchen (really love this one)

one similar is in my living room, love the birds and all of Lori's cats!

the angel print I gave my sister-in-law
Lori has three shops on Etsy, ArtworkbyLori, HipHeart and TheRoyalBead so be sure to stop by and check out her beautiful works of art!

All photos were from Lori's shops.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BTW= Bead Table Wednesday "Miro-inspired Bird Beads"

These are the latest in Chris's bead line.  They highlight some of the new techniques he learned in the Melanie Moertel class he took in March.  So technically they are on HIS bead table instead of mine, but they will wander to my end of the studio before long for wire-wrapping for our summer  shows!

Ladybug Flower Garden

Rockin'  Rooster

Limeade Beaky Bird

Aqua Beaky

Orbit Mania  Bead

The Line Up (not shown previously: upper left Parrot, lower left Cobalt, lower right Tweet)
Chris also requests that I mention he is working on a line of more "realistic" birds, include finches, robins, bluebirds, and perhaps cardinals.   Got any ideas for birds?  Just drop us a line, we are always game for special orders or just bead ideas! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Thoughts for Tuesday...

When in doubt, spend some quiet time in your thinking spot.
When being chased by a crazed teenager, have a secure hiding spot. (In this case a cereal box.  Mina was chasing Suki and playing hide and seek with her, and Suki hid very well from her!)

Make time for naps! (Can you every have enough cute sleeping animal photos?)
Spend time with your cousins getting GIRLY for special events. (left to right: Creighton, Mina, and Caitlyn)
L-R me, Mina, my neice Creighton, my Mom, my neice Caitlyn, and my brother, Mark.
Have your picture taken with your family. (Even if you hate the way you look in pictures!)
Ditto (Chris and I with our beautiful daughter, Mina at her confirmation).
Celebrate the big events in life with CAKE!  (Especially a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!)
Make time for your friends, especially the ones who know you well enough to finish your sentences!
Watch where you put your tongue.   In this case, Mina was ahead in the egg rolling contest UNTIL she took a turn down the trail the Easter Bunny had taken!  (EEEWWW!)
Show your smile (it makes people wonder what you are up too!  This is cousin Preston, he is SUCH a cutie!).
Be BRAVE, even if it means you have to wear dorky costumes to entertain little kids!  (You will be rewarded by the absolute adoration from the littlest that haven't figured out yet that the REAL Easter Bunny wouldn't have human hands~yes that is a quote).
L-R Nick, Mina, (Moritz the German exchange student staying with Nick and Dan), and Dan.
Have fun with your family at every opportunity!  It will give you stories to share with your kids when you are old!
Stop by tomorrow to check out Chris's new Bird Bead designs!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter, Bakk Bakk

Mina and I always get a kick out of the Cadbury Easter Egg ad that shows the animals auditioning for the Easter Bunny's job. Her favorite is the cat, my favorite is the lion.  I find it so completely silly that a lion has bunny ears on, and she loves the way the cat meows.  We will spend Easter with Chris's family as we do each year, which is great as I really need a break!  Regardless of your religious affiliation, may you be blessed to spend time with the people most important to you!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Polly Pocket Hair





Mina (Dork of Honor)

Granny (Carol)

Gramps (Keith)

Me (Wow, hate having my picture taken!)


Lexi (Dork's Best Friend)
So we were goofing around on Sunday.  It was Mina's Confirmation day and we had a bunch of family and friends at our house for dinner after the service at church.  Creighton found Mina's wig (formerly used for a Superhero costume many Halloween's ago) and we all decided to model it.  Aren't you glad I shared the results?  Is your family this goofy or is it just when you get a bunch of teens together and they act silly?  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BTW-Bead Table Wednesday

Our newest blog challenge from Artbeads has started.  This challenge is "What is Old is New Again".  I am so excited!  I love this challenge, and here are some of the items I chose to work into my design.  You can check out these products from and watch here for my design as soon as I finish it!
(Disclosure...As a reviewer of products at, I received the products shown free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I am not being compensated by for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.)
Retro Copper Coin Bead
Antique Brass Clock and Gears Button
Antique Brass Victorain Splendor
10mm Stairway Bead, Amethyst

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