Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marble Crazy Recap and Current Project

Photo courtesy of Moon Marble's Facebook page
Here are the marbles that were made during demos at Marble Crazy last Friday and Saturday!  Chris's are the left and center of the 3 on the bottom row.  They are really awesome, and I will try later to blow them up larger with photo software.  We had an amazing show, and it was really gratifying for Chris as everything we sold was his work or a combination of his beads and my designs.  Great feedback and we want to thank all of the new folks who bought from us!  Thanks also to the fabulous staff of Moon Mable, always willing to sit in the booth to give us a break or just to answer questions.  Frank and Deb Brooks (the link on their names will take you to their Etsy shop) we also great, helping us design some pendants, key chains, and marble stands for display with Chris's marbles. Thanks to Mina too, for helping Chris with the driving and keeping him entertained and awake when I failed to stay awake any longer.

Meanwhile, this beauty is what I am working on!
Pattern and Photo from Good Quill Hunting
I purchased this pattern a couple weeks ago, and started on it this week.  The version I am making is terracotta and turquoise Tila beads with a Picasso finish in browns/blues for the center Fire Polish beads and gold, cream, turquoise, and brownish size 15 beads for the accents.  Fun design (once I caught on to the pattern) and I have been working on trying new seed bead stitches and designs to broaden my repertoire.  If you have not been to Christina's site, be sure to click the link on the caption, she has amazing patterns at wonderful prices!

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Cindy said...

Love that bracelet! It's gorgeous, those beads are perfect for it!!!!

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