Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Photos, LOTS of New Photos!!

At long last, here are some new photos for you to see what we have been up to!
Vintage Owl Necklace (special order)~Chris's owl, my wire wrapping of Czech glass leaves, flowers, and crystals

Black and White and Red All Over~Necklace Chris made one day while I was working at Julies, then he came home and made the custom heart bead for it.  It is for sale at Julie's Xpressions in Hastings.

Tory in the Garden~Wienie Dog flower pendant necklace Chris and I made for my niece Creighton's birthday.

Mina's loom woven wall hanging, for sale and on exhibit at Graham Gallery in Hastings.

Sonora Vintage~Necklace using one of Chris's Sonoran focal beads and spacers, along with Czech glass beads and crystals (sold at Marble Crazy).

Bunny earrings for Marble Crazy and spring shows.

Glub, Glub fish pendant/suncatcher (Chris's bead, my design)

Half of our table at Marble Crazy

The other half of our table.

A really good picture of the Sonora Vintage necklace

Bridal Penguin couples with their pet Weinie dogs.

The drunken uncle and little sister Penguins

The before picture of the more expensive marbles on display.

The $8 marble tray

The bead and marble master!  Great picture, Huh?!

Tatterpillar Garden necklace.  Chris's beads, my bead work

Birds by Chris, Charms by Earthenwood Studio, and my beadwork.

Beaky Bird in a Cage.  One of Chris's birds wired into a "cage" in a style I learned several years ago from Carla of Beads by C.

Galactic Madness Marble on a display made by Frank Brooks.  This was the first and second marble style we sold.  It is also my favorite design!

A really cool picture with Chris's marbles and Frank's stands.  The stands look like the belong in Star Trek!

Here there be Dragons!

Keyed up beads and ceiling fan pull beads not yet glued on the pull chains

More of Frank's displays with more of Chris's really cool marbles!

New style of pendants we premiered at Marble Crazy

Chris playing with fire

One of the marbles he made during his demos.  They will be used for donations or auctioned off.

The booth next to us.  He didn't have any $8 marbles!  Gorgeous globe style marbles.  One of them was $5500. Yowza!
So there you have new photos!  Hope you enjoyed them!

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