Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Thoughts for Tuesday...

When in doubt, spend some quiet time in your thinking spot.
When being chased by a crazed teenager, have a secure hiding spot. (In this case a cereal box.  Mina was chasing Suki and playing hide and seek with her, and Suki hid very well from her!)

Make time for naps! (Can you every have enough cute sleeping animal photos?)
Spend time with your cousins getting GIRLY for special events. (left to right: Creighton, Mina, and Caitlyn)
L-R me, Mina, my neice Creighton, my Mom, my neice Caitlyn, and my brother, Mark.
Have your picture taken with your family. (Even if you hate the way you look in pictures!)
Ditto (Chris and I with our beautiful daughter, Mina at her confirmation).
Celebrate the big events in life with CAKE!  (Especially a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting!)
Make time for your friends, especially the ones who know you well enough to finish your sentences!
Watch where you put your tongue.   In this case, Mina was ahead in the egg rolling contest UNTIL she took a turn down the trail the Easter Bunny had taken!  (EEEWWW!)
Show your smile (it makes people wonder what you are up too!  This is cousin Preston, he is SUCH a cutie!).
Be BRAVE, even if it means you have to wear dorky costumes to entertain little kids!  (You will be rewarded by the absolute adoration from the littlest that haven't figured out yet that the REAL Easter Bunny wouldn't have human hands~yes that is a quote).
L-R Nick, Mina, (Moritz the German exchange student staying with Nick and Dan), and Dan.
Have fun with your family at every opportunity!  It will give you stories to share with your kids when you are old!
Stop by tomorrow to check out Chris's new Bird Bead designs!


somethingunique said...

Thanks for sharing your family with us, and your kitty should be thankful to be chased only by a teenager, this moring on GMA there was a story of someone who has a pet door and apparently a gator got in and was chasing the cat around the house YIKS!!!! don't worry the cat's fine i know i would be putting some big nails in that door for sure lol ttfn L:)

Pixybug Designs said...

Yes, that is quite a story! Wow, do they make sticky traps that big? Imagine the exterminator's face with that service call! Thanks for sharing that! :0)

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