Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Items

This tropical blue bracelet, was made in the style of Carla's (from beads and botanicals) anything bracelets. You don't have a plan to start, just pick up beads that work together as you go. This combination of blue opalite, chrysacola, cat's eye, foiled window style beads, copper, silver, and various glass beads works very well together!
These fun black/red/white beads will be for sale in Kearney.

Isn't this a beautiful batch of blue beads (say that 5x fast!)? They are SO pretty!
This pretty orange and turquoise set of beads will be for sale at the Central NE Bead Show in Kearney, March 15.

This is my bumpy bead made by Chris. I told him what I wanted and he did it perfectly! Carla said the colors are SO me, that is romantic! I just think it is awesome, to have custom made beads at the drop of a suggestion!

This is my "Jitterbug" bracelet made from the kit purchased from Glass Garden Beads. I really love the tropical bright colors, and the RAW was so easy to do. I even made the button for the clasp!
These are the batch of earrings I made last week and sold several pair.
This is an up close picture of one of my favorite pair I made the night of the earring blitz!

This is the beautiful necklace (the picture doesn't do it justice) that my friend Leslie bought.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter Returns!

Yuk! Is there a blizzard where you are? It is here! Winds in excess of 25 miles per hour, snow that is pelting like it is ice, and is heavy besides so visibility is not good. Hard to take after the 40 degree weather we had yesterday that almost got rid of the rest of the snow. I had a phone call last night from my good friend Chris, and she found out she has lung cancer. She is a couple years older than I am, but has 3 young kids and I would really appreciate it if you could say a prayer for her today. Her prognosis is very good. The spot was found early, is small, and as far as they can tell hasn't spread to anywhere else. She is pretty upbeat about things, but it may not have hit her yet. On the beading front, I made a beautiful island blue bracelet with copper and silver accents, and almost have a RAW project done from a kit I bought from Glass Garden Beads. It is so pretty and summery, it is a joy to work on with the gloomy winter weather returning.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Good week of beading!

Good Friday morning to you! Can you believe January is nearly gone already? Well, I stayed up late again last night beading. I figure I can do 2 late nights a week without too many ill effects (except the husband lectures!), and last night I was making up a right angle weave kit I purchased awhile back from Glass Garden Beads. The colors are so gorgeous, coral and turquoises Czech glass beads (opaque) and yellow and bright orange opaque seed beads. So nice to work with the bright summery colors. Everyone I have talked to lately are so tired of winter! Thankfully, it is supposed to warm up this weekend. Anyway, I spent the evening making the Jitterbug Bracelet from the kit, and it was very simple. Don't think I have done that stitch before, and it looks great. I spent time at beads and botanicals yesterday. Had a wonderful visit with Carla, and made a beautiful pin with lovely spring colors of Swarovski crystals, and cream seed beads. Tuesday night when I was up late, I made a necklace, and 10 pair of earrings. Well, I have sold 4 pair of earrings and the necklace since Tuesday! Great goodness! Jewelry is just flying from my grasp! I took the rest of the earrings in to Graham Gallery and traded out some that were rather seasonal. So if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and check out our new earrings at the Gallery!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There is a bitter cold wind blowing outside this morning in Nebraska! I am SO ready for spring to come! Especially, since I got a box of beautiful Swarovski floral sliders yesterday! Pretty pastel colors, yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, oh my! There are also some beautiful creamy yellow crystal pearls, mosaic paua shell pendants, and a strand of seashells! That should surely help the spring fever~or make it worse. Also, yesterday I received a bag of Clay River Design hearts to make into earrings. Lots of interesting colors, I loved them so much I made 6 pair of earrings with them, plus 2 other pair, and a lovely heart necklace. The one pair of earrings are made from some pink howlite (I think) that look like pieces of bubble gum, that I found on last weeks trip to beads and botanicals. I put Swarovski with them, a rose disc shape, and a lavender bicone. They just about scream spring! Very pretty, and the other pair that I made last night that I love are cinnamon toast hearts with purple velvet crystals in dangles hanging down! Yes, I wire wrapped, and lived to tell the tale! I have a blockage when it comes to wire wrapping, but when making jewelry into a business you have to do it whether you like to or not! I have gotten much better, with lots of practice. Well, happy Wednesday, and if you are in Nebraska~stay inside and bead!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More New Pictures!!

These earrings use some of the beautiful beach glass Carla got in last week, and candy jasper.
These are beads Chris made, and we did a Blue Hill theme (blue & white are the school colors) and most of the earrings are now at the Blue Hill Flower shop that is now owned by a couple of great gals we know.
This was an experiment using purple art wire and more of the beach glass from beads and botanicals. I like how they came out!

These hearts are the Clay River Design beads and the dangles were a part to a clasp that really was a poorly designed clasp idea, but works great here!
More Clay River beads, and beautiful matching crystals, one of my favorite pair from a late night of earring making!
This gorgeous necklace is at Graham Gallery in Hastings. Chris made the beads, and strung the necklace and all I did was the extender chain!
This is one of Chris' cute bugs. He started out with wings, but they popped off so he is just a "fluffy" (you're not fat, you're fluffy) bug!

Another beautiful pair of earrings, using Chris' beads and Swarovski. They are also at Graham Gallery along with the rest of the photos.
Chris beads in an "Easter Egg" design, with matching crystals.

These pretty purple polka dot earrings are also Chris beads.

This necklace is another of Chris' beads, which he calls his Space Pig! The matching necklace it hangs from was also his making.

New Pictures

Okay, so it only took me a week to get these posted to the blog (sorry, Brenda!). So without further ado...
These earrings were made by me and use crazy lace agate, seed beads, and sterling to finish them off. The stones were left over from a bracelet I made at Christmas.
This beauty now belongs to Carla at beads and botanicals, Chris made the focals, and I did the rest. I love how the blue, white, and silver work together to make a fabulous frosty bracelet!
This pretty in pink set is at Carla's and the large bead has flowers floating in the glass. Chris made them of course.

Here are some earring sets Chris made and are also for sale at beads and botanicals. I really love the red set with the tiny pink hearts, the yellow/orange spotty bumps, oh heck I love them all!

These pretty hearts were made by Chris and are also at beads and botanicals for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Short night, beautiful earrings!

Okay, I stayed up way too late again last night (spelled this morning). I crawled into bed at 1:30 am and crawled out again at 6:05am. But the result is 10 pair (one of which I already sold to a friend at work) of fabulous spring and Valentiney earrings. Beautiful sea glass from beads and botanicals are in three pair, some fun bumpy beads of Chris' make up 4 more pairs, and the rest are a pair of sodalite and Swarovski, and frankly can't remember the other two (did I mention lack of sleep?) I will hopefully get pics up this afternoon. On the business front, we started our Pixybug Designs checking account yesterday! Very exciting news (well for us anyway!)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Week Fly By...

Just a quickie note to catch up! Gracious, I don't know where time goes. We have been diligently working to get some new items worked up for Angela at Graham Gallery, and I am ready to put the final pass on a fringe bracelet I am making for Carla at beads and botanicals! Also, end of year brand new business bookkeeping kept me up til after midnight last night, Mina is playing basketball now, girl scouts start selling cookies, I am helping a friend fill out her sales tax form, teaching Sunday school, etc...I am starting to feel a bit like Stretch Armstrong (flashback to the 70's childhood)! My back is killing me, I don't know what day it is most of the time, and I am so far behind at work it just never gets better! Wow, this is a happy blog entry, bet you are glad you stopped by! Chris has a bunch of Valentine themed beads ready to go to Carla, so we'll have new pics for you soon. You should see the cute lady bug bead he made the other night! Very cute. Carla's bracelet is so pretty! I made the first pass of fringe with whites, and iridescent beads, the second with all silver lined and silver galvanized seed beads, and the final pass will be ice blues! I can't wait to finish it to show you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Pictures

This is one of 2 necklaces that Chris made for one of the guys I work with. He wanted the necklaces for his sons for Christmas.
This beautiful bead pendant was made for Chris' mom Judy for Christmas.

Chris whipped this together Friday night while we were visting his Dad and his wife Carol near Fairbury. Granny Carol picked out the bead and Chris did the rest with the seed beads and also the wire wrap on the the bead he had made. Crazy enough it was an excellent match to the earrings we had made ahead of time for Carol for Christmas!

This necklace was made for a wonderful lady at work, as a gift for a daughter in law. I love the way it turned out, especially considering I was finishing it up at 1:15 am!

These mismatched beauties were made by Chris & I and are at Graham Gallery in Hastings. We were asked by Angela Graham to leave some of our work as part of the local art permanently for sale there! We are very honored to be among so many very talented local artists!

This bracelet is made with snowflake obsidian, beautiful gray cat's eye pillow beads, black onyx, and I can't remember what the large stone in the middle is called (Help Carla!). This and the one below went to the same gal, for gifts.

This lovely crazy lace agate bracelet was made for the lady who also took home my black and white bracelet. This was a Christmas gift (unless she changed her mind)!
We call these three cuties "The Three Tenors" because they look like they are singing! Aren't they wonderful?! Chris "Mr. Talent" made them and is working on more "bugs" (though these are horned worms)!

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