Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Pictures

This is one of 2 necklaces that Chris made for one of the guys I work with. He wanted the necklaces for his sons for Christmas.
This beautiful bead pendant was made for Chris' mom Judy for Christmas.

Chris whipped this together Friday night while we were visting his Dad and his wife Carol near Fairbury. Granny Carol picked out the bead and Chris did the rest with the seed beads and also the wire wrap on the the bead he had made. Crazy enough it was an excellent match to the earrings we had made ahead of time for Carol for Christmas!

This necklace was made for a wonderful lady at work, as a gift for a daughter in law. I love the way it turned out, especially considering I was finishing it up at 1:15 am!

These mismatched beauties were made by Chris & I and are at Graham Gallery in Hastings. We were asked by Angela Graham to leave some of our work as part of the local art permanently for sale there! We are very honored to be among so many very talented local artists!

This bracelet is made with snowflake obsidian, beautiful gray cat's eye pillow beads, black onyx, and I can't remember what the large stone in the middle is called (Help Carla!). This and the one below went to the same gal, for gifts.

This lovely crazy lace agate bracelet was made for the lady who also took home my black and white bracelet. This was a Christmas gift (unless she changed her mind)!
We call these three cuties "The Three Tenors" because they look like they are singing! Aren't they wonderful?! Chris "Mr. Talent" made them and is working on more "bugs" (though these are horned worms)!


Angie said...

Beautiful works of art. Thanks for posting the pictures. I always enjoy your designs.

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Angie! Happy New Year!

CresceNet said...

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Contrariwise said...

Beautiful! And the singing caterpillars are too cute!

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