Wednesday, January 23, 2008


There is a bitter cold wind blowing outside this morning in Nebraska! I am SO ready for spring to come! Especially, since I got a box of beautiful Swarovski floral sliders yesterday! Pretty pastel colors, yellow, pink, green, purple, blue, oh my! There are also some beautiful creamy yellow crystal pearls, mosaic paua shell pendants, and a strand of seashells! That should surely help the spring fever~or make it worse. Also, yesterday I received a bag of Clay River Design hearts to make into earrings. Lots of interesting colors, I loved them so much I made 6 pair of earrings with them, plus 2 other pair, and a lovely heart necklace. The one pair of earrings are made from some pink howlite (I think) that look like pieces of bubble gum, that I found on last weeks trip to beads and botanicals. I put Swarovski with them, a rose disc shape, and a lavender bicone. They just about scream spring! Very pretty, and the other pair that I made last night that I love are cinnamon toast hearts with purple velvet crystals in dangles hanging down! Yes, I wire wrapped, and lived to tell the tale! I have a blockage when it comes to wire wrapping, but when making jewelry into a business you have to do it whether you like to or not! I have gotten much better, with lots of practice. Well, happy Wednesday, and if you are in Nebraska~stay inside and bead!

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