Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Christmas Fringe Bracelet

Here is the Christmas fringe bracelet I made Sunday.

New Fringe Bracelet

No, I don't have the picture up yet, but Sunday I made the most gorgeous Christmas fringe bracelet! Lots of green and red, a few fringes that are striped like candy canes or red/green stockings, and all centered around a beautiful fun set of chunky Christmas beads made by my talented husband. The one I am currently working on is a holly bracelet with red fringe drops for the holly berries. If you have seen my spring garden bracelet, (which Carla inspired and I really love), it is similar to that. I have strung a bracelet of green size 6 seed beads with some large crystals to break things up, and then I am sewing leaves (if I can get them figured out) out of 11's and delicas, and then will make the pass to add the holly berries. I will get pics up of the fringe bracelet this afternoon.
We took the GS to camp on Saturday night, and had them nearly scared out of their skin (which was traumatic at the time, but they are all ready to go again)! The council put on a haunted woods camp, which involved spooky, gooey stories, crafts/the Haunted Mansion movie, and a Haunted Hay rack ride/walk through the woods when the tractor "broke" down! We could hear the screams from the woods 1/2 mile away! Very impressive~nobody compares to screaming like scared girls! My co-leader Donna, has scabs from the fingernail gouges from holding hands with 2 terrified girls (one was her daughter)! Mina is very excited about Halloween tomorrow, she is dressing up as an accident victim!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beads and Baubles

Okay, this is neither bead nor bauble, but Chris and Mina made a giant spider web in our front yard, with green florescent webbing (that's why the black light is there), and a light up spider in the middle.

This is a new necklace I put together last night. Pink turquoise chunks with large blue (I think turquoise) eggs, and a few garnets, mint alabaster Swarovskis, seed beads, Czech crystals, and sterling silver to finish it off.

Here are some lovely new beads from Chris. The purple and greens are a favorite of mine and the others are very gorgeous! Our niece Caitlyn, and Mina helped Chris pick colors for the purple and green beads.

Girl's Night Out

Tonight my friend Laurie (whom I work with) and I had GNO! It was so much fun! I had gotten a card from the FABULOUS store Great Dames in Hastings, NE. They had GNO to celebrate positive body image month. (Not sure that is the exact title, but you get the idea). We did collages with papers, magazines, rubber stamps, trims, anything you could want pretty much. It was a blast, and though none of us are ever happy with our bodies or ourselves, this was a very fun way to find those positive things that are important to you. It was a funny, creative, and great evening spent with old and new friends. GIRL POWER! Find it, use it, enjoy it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Weekend Notes

Good Tuesday! The day looks beautiful, though it is a tad bit nippy out. By this afternoon, none of us will want to be inside because it will be perfect outside. My brother's family visited us last weekend. It just worked out that their kids, and Mina didn't have school so they came up Thurs afternoon, and stayed until Sat afternoon. Enjoyed seeing and being with them, and the kids sure have grown since we saw them in February. We had GS training for cookie sales on Sunday night, and Mina took her first communion at church on Sunday morning. We had GS last night and we are taking them to camp Saturday night for a fun Halloween "haunted woods" hike! Should be quite exciting!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New from Stephanie

This necklace is made with snake skin jasper, cat's eye bead, and sterling. I made the bail for the pendant with #11 triangle seed beads I got from Glass Garden (I had never seen them before) and a silver ring. The pendant is also snake skin jasper. I got the jasper and cat's eye pillow rounds from Carla at Beads & Botanicals in Hastings. I really like the way it came together.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Beads by Chris

Here are a bunch of new beads Chris has been working on. Aren't they gorgeous! Notice also, our pics are getting better. That is due to a new camera, and textured scrapbooking paper for our backgrounds.

I really love the set below!

These are coppery sparkly.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catching up...

Just wanted to catch you up on the latest activities at the Haussler household. We enjoyed a Halloween art gallery opening last weekend at Graham Gallery for Nicole Gustafsson's fun and whimsical art. Nicole studied in Japan, and requested we come in costume which we did. I hope to get some new pics up soon, as I need to send the in to be printed too. We had a great time dressing up, and Sunday we played catch up at home, enjoyed lunch with Chris' Dad and his wife Carol (who had a birthday yesterday), and now I am almost caught up on my jewelry repairs for various people. I find I am more than willing to take on repairs, and then they bog down my creativity, to where I can't produce new items. Oh well, nearly done with the pile. Chris has been making some larger beads for fan pulls, and some fridge magnet kits we bought. We had a mouse in our house this morning, but thanks to our kitty, Sabrina, we have it cornered on the back porch. Sabrina has very keen hearing, and a great ability to track the sound to the culprit, but her killer instinct is lacking. She got hold of the mouse in the kitchen, but didn't hold on in the right spot and ended up letting it go! So we shut her and her furry friend out on the back porch in hopes that she would finish the job and we wouldn't have to. I am on my way home now for lunch, so I hope I don't have any extra surprises waiting for me!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blogger Action Day

Good Monday! Today, if you are not aware, is Blogger Action Day helping voice ideas, opinions, etc. about the environment, and what we each can do to lesson our impact on the planet. I admit I am not a big recycler, though we do recycle newspapers, aluminum cans, and cardboard. We also use our newspapers as a weed barrier in the garden under our grass clippings. They dissolve, and help to improve our garden soil, and also help cut down on the amount of weeding required in the garden. We are very conscious of what types of bug/weed killers we use and try to go with organic solutions when possible. At work, I recycle our empty ink cartridges by sending them to school with our daughter, where her school then gets a discount on the supplies they need, and we don't add to the landfill with all the empty cartridges. I also work hard to reuse as much paper as possible. We print on one side of the paper, and then when we don't need those pages anymore, we use them for photocopying on the other side or run them through the fax or our ink jet printer. On statement days, the mistakes I keep and the tear or cut to make them into scratch note pads. We refill our ink cartridges at home for our ink jet printer. Walgreen's has just started a fabulous service where you can get your black cartridge refilled for $10 or the color cartridge refilled for $15. That is a MAJOR savings from buying new ones, and we also have the earth friendly reusing of the original cartridge. So while we don't do a lot of recycling, we do try to do our part. We have also taught our daughter, Mina to not liter, and even when we go for walks to pick up liter and throw it away properly. Another of my pet peeves is wasting food. I really hate to see kids throw away a plate of food that their parents should have stopped them from taking to begin with. I have taught my Girl Scouts more than once, if they take it and don't eat it, they should expect to get no sweets at the end of the meal. While this doesn't make me popular with them, it teaches them to think before they act, and I think we could all use more of that.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Lady Luck Shines Upon Me...

Well, my lucky streak continues! I won the strand of rubies on Saturday at the Lincoln Bead Expo, and yesterday I won Lied Super Screen movie tickets on the radio by knowing the answer to a question about the new "Elizabeth" movie starring Kate Blanchett and Clive Owen (YUMMY!). The answer happened to be Clive Owen, so it wasn't surprising that I knew the answer! Anyway, last night my friend Leslie, (who is selling her wonderful homemade mixes for breads, dips, and soups at the Serendipity store in Hastings), told me that I had won a door prize at the Serendipity store's grand opening. If I keep this up, people will start rubbing me for luck! Have a Great Day!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Business Trip Recap...

We had a GREAT day Saturday in Lincoln buying beads at the Nebraska Bead Expo! So many beads...so little money! I was way underestimating the budget for beads! Anyway, it was wonderful to see all of our beading friends. Jodie Marshall (without and missing Aidan) had some gorgeous jewelry and lampwork, nice to see the blog work in person. Tanya MaGuire also had beautiful work, and I will get pics up of the lampwork I bought from Tanya, and the cabochons I bought from Jodie. I also found many lovely new colors of seed beads, enjoyed my visit to the A Dancing Rainbow (crystals only!) booth, and the Glass Garden booth. I bought some tiny lampwork duckies from the Glass Garden booth, some pretty seed bead mixes, tiny lampwork sets, and tiny triangle seed beads I had never seen before. The crystal booth was fabulous! I saw vintage crystals I had never seen before and the 2AB Fuchsia, Siam, and Turquoise crystals I bought are beautiful. I am always amazed at how much the coatings on the crystals change the colors. To top off the great day, there was a message waiting from Papio Creek Gems and Gifts when I got home, that I had won the strand of rubies they were giving away!! Chris and I were at the bead show for about 3 hours, after which we stopped at Drac's Place (a Halloween store) to get some items for our costumes for the costume party at Graham Gallery this weekend, had lunch at one of our favorite Lincoln places Grisanti's (Italian food~awesome calamari, salad with homemade Italian dressing, gooey garlic bread and tiramisu YUM!), a quick stop at Target and then on to Chris' Dad & Carol's place to get Mina. Since Grandpa and Granny babysat for us, we took them out to Runza for supper before coming home. Wow, I am exhausted just reading about it, and my feet still hurt from Saturday! Pictures soon!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Business Trip

This weekend (tomorrow and Saturday) Chris and I are going on our first business trip. We are going to the Lincoln Bead Expo to purchase some AWESOME new beads (I hope) and then we might go on up to Omaha to the Hot Shops which is an art studio/learning expo/craft shops all combined into one. So Mina gets to visit Grandpa and Granny while we shop for beads (she would rather do that anyway!~and it is less whining for us!). Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

New Neclaces

I made this necklace for my allergy doctor. She bought a purple fringed bracelet from me and wanted a necklace to go with it. So here it is!
Our college friend, Doug (he drew Pixy) really loved Chris' turquoise necklaces and so Chris made this for Doug and we are giving it to him for the art services!

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