Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catching up...

Just wanted to catch you up on the latest activities at the Haussler household. We enjoyed a Halloween art gallery opening last weekend at Graham Gallery for Nicole Gustafsson's fun and whimsical art. Nicole studied in Japan, and requested we come in costume which we did. I hope to get some new pics up soon, as I need to send the in to be printed too. We had a great time dressing up, and Sunday we played catch up at home, enjoyed lunch with Chris' Dad and his wife Carol (who had a birthday yesterday), and now I am almost caught up on my jewelry repairs for various people. I find I am more than willing to take on repairs, and then they bog down my creativity, to where I can't produce new items. Oh well, nearly done with the pile. Chris has been making some larger beads for fan pulls, and some fridge magnet kits we bought. We had a mouse in our house this morning, but thanks to our kitty, Sabrina, we have it cornered on the back porch. Sabrina has very keen hearing, and a great ability to track the sound to the culprit, but her killer instinct is lacking. She got hold of the mouse in the kitchen, but didn't hold on in the right spot and ended up letting it go! So we shut her and her furry friend out on the back porch in hopes that she would finish the job and we wouldn't have to. I am on my way home now for lunch, so I hope I don't have any extra surprises waiting for me!

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