Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New Fringe Bracelet

No, I don't have the picture up yet, but Sunday I made the most gorgeous Christmas fringe bracelet! Lots of green and red, a few fringes that are striped like candy canes or red/green stockings, and all centered around a beautiful fun set of chunky Christmas beads made by my talented husband. The one I am currently working on is a holly bracelet with red fringe drops for the holly berries. If you have seen my spring garden bracelet, (which Carla inspired and I really love), it is similar to that. I have strung a bracelet of green size 6 seed beads with some large crystals to break things up, and then I am sewing leaves (if I can get them figured out) out of 11's and delicas, and then will make the pass to add the holly berries. I will get pics up of the fringe bracelet this afternoon.
We took the GS to camp on Saturday night, and had them nearly scared out of their skin (which was traumatic at the time, but they are all ready to go again)! The council put on a haunted woods camp, which involved spooky, gooey stories, crafts/the Haunted Mansion movie, and a Haunted Hay rack ride/walk through the woods when the tractor "broke" down! We could hear the screams from the woods 1/2 mile away! Very impressive~nobody compares to screaming like scared girls! My co-leader Donna, has scabs from the fingernail gouges from holding hands with 2 terrified girls (one was her daughter)! Mina is very excited about Halloween tomorrow, she is dressing up as an accident victim!

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