Monday, November 28, 2011

No Photos of Us

The other day I sat down and began work on the yearly holiday card designs.  It was difficult due to the fact that while we have pictures of cats:

Mina and the Girls: Sabrina, Suki, and Luna

pictures of beads:
Dazzled Dragon w/wire flame and Swarovski crystals
and pictures of jewelry:
Lord of Shields and Rings
We had about three very poor pictures of the three people in this house!  How is that possible?!  Thankfully, we had plenty of family to help us with the problem during our Thanksgiving get together.  Here are the results:

Much better!  Thanks to Walgreens, we have our cards all printed and purchased.  I also have almost all of our Pixybug business cards addressed and ready to go.  We always send Pixybug cards to customers who have purchased from us during the year and to our business contacts.  We use a photo or photos of designs or shows throughout the year.  This year we used a photo of Chris's penguin pairs that had been made into a necklace for a little girl in North Carolina at Flatwater Festival this summer. So I have almost checked the cards off the Holiday To Do list, and remarkably I have most of our shopping done except for some gift cards to pick up.  Shocking, really!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a Sneak Peak...

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers!  I couldn't find any witty cartoon turkeys to share, so I went with this cutie!  How adorable!
What I am Thankful For:
  1. Freedom.  To live, think, and speak the way I choose.
  2. Love.  The love of my fabulous husband and best friend, Chris, who I am grateful for every single day.  And for my beautiful, talented, funny, sarcastic, and sometimes surly, daughter Mina.  She is an angel sent to make our family complete.
  3. Home.  Whether it is my humble, yet completely cluttered home, or the warm feeling I get every day when I return to it.  I am thankful for the shelter and comfort it provides.
  4. Furry "children".  Our kitties provide light and laughter to our home, even when they are very naughty and tear up my new shirt hanging on the drying tree in the kitchen. (grrr...grumble...)
  5. Work.  Thankful, even when it makes me grumpy and crazy, to have not one job but 2 that I enjoy and don't mind going to.  
  6. Creativity.  I am so grateful for that "one bead" and all that it has brought to my life.  I have an outlet to express myself, a passion to spread to others, and fabulous people who want my jewelry.  
  7. Expression.  I am thankful beyond words to have this outlet in my life.  I am tickled by the people who comment and continue to stop by and read the blog.  It takes my breath away to know that anyone is interested enough to hear what I say and come back for more!  On that front, sometime in the past couple weeks when I wasn't looking, I crossed the 30,000+ hit mark on the blog stats!  Thank you all!
Now I promised you all a sneak peak, and here it comes.  In a couple weeks, my Day of the Dead Challenge project is due for submission to The Hole Bead Shop for judging.  I finished it at the end of last week, so that I could get it to a professional photographer to do it justice in a single photo.  Amy Sandeen helped us out and did a terrific job.  I would love to show you how great the photos are, but that would give away the design before it is time!  So here is a morsel to tide you over!

Yes, it is cruel but I spent 20+ hours working on it, and I don't want the surprise spoiled!

I hope you are surrounded by all that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving!  See you here next week!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Continuing The Theme of the Week...

The other day one of my Facebook friends had this on their page.  I though it was hilarious and follows along with the past couple days posts.  I wanted to share it with you!  I have long been a Muppet fan and am glad to see them in the media and movies again.  Now if they would only release the Muppets Tonight show on dvd!  I loved that series of the Muppets, my favorite being BoBo the Bear.  So funny!
Here is the link to the episode which I found on YouTube!
Happy Thursday!  Enjoy the things you love today!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are You Ready?

Yep!  I have my Twilight themed Charm bracelet ready to go, and Mina, her bff Lexi, and I will likely hit the theater on Friday night to watch the much anticipated Breaking Dawn Part 1.
We are excited, but having read the book, I don't know how they will pull off parts of the story in conversion to a movie screen.  We will see, and any excuse to eat movie popcorn!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maria's Giveaway

My "blog" friend Maria is hosting a Twilight inspired giveaway this week.  Here is the link to enter:
Maria's Garden Path Beads
Stop by and enter!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Class

Good Monday to you!  I had the pleasure of beading the weekend away with NanC Meinhardt this weekend in Lincoln.  The class was an intensive on Right Angle Weave.  Not familiar with NanC's work?  Here is her website:
NanC Meinhardt Studio

This was one of my very favorite pieces that NanC brought along to show us.
Izzy & Lucy bracelets
The design is copyright by NanC Meinhardt and I borrowed the photo from her website.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pretty Idea

This was so pretty I had to share it!  Here is the link.

New Necklace Designs

 Here are a couple of new necklace designs for my holiday shows!

 Like Bees to Honey combines a huge crazy lace agate pendant with citrine, yellow adventurine, crystals in pale gold and gray opal, and a brass honey bee charm.

Geared Jewels combines antique brass chain, a porcelain pendant from Hip Chick Beads, various stones, pearls, crystals and C-Koop enameled gears and gears from B-Sue Boutique in their Rusty Black Patina.

More to come!  Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Feel A Bit Twitchy...

Sorry I have been silent, I have deadlines this week to get jewelry to two art galleries for their Christmas showcases.  So on that note, the stress is getting to me.  Here is something that made me giggle. 
Now this could be taken as him defending his nut stash for winter, or the reference to male anatomy or as the thought struck me- Am I ready for a squirrel knight brigade to defend me since I am feeling pretty NUTS right now?  Which ever it is, hope you are having a great week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


No, I am not practicing positive affirmation, though at this time of year with the decrease in daylight kicking in my S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) I probably should be.  I am actually the lucky winner of a prize package from Beaducation!  Jean Yates was hosting a giveaway from Beaducation on her blog using the new snap rivets and setter that Beaducation has just added to their product line.  I won the setter, rivets, and a fabulous Power Punch Plier!  I am so excited!  I actually loved the design of the rivets so much, and figuring I wouldn't win, ordered the rivets and setter on Sunday.  Maybe that is why I won?!  Here is the video demonstration of the rivets and Power Punch pliers in action!
Power Punch Plier video
Snap Rivet video
Red Crystal Snap Rivets
Power Punch Plier
Thank you to Beaducation and to Jean Yates for sponsoring and hosting the giveaway!

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