Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and a Sneak Peak...

Happy Thanksgiving dear readers!  I couldn't find any witty cartoon turkeys to share, so I went with this cutie!  How adorable!
What I am Thankful For:
  1. Freedom.  To live, think, and speak the way I choose.
  2. Love.  The love of my fabulous husband and best friend, Chris, who I am grateful for every single day.  And for my beautiful, talented, funny, sarcastic, and sometimes surly, daughter Mina.  She is an angel sent to make our family complete.
  3. Home.  Whether it is my humble, yet completely cluttered home, or the warm feeling I get every day when I return to it.  I am thankful for the shelter and comfort it provides.
  4. Furry "children".  Our kitties provide light and laughter to our home, even when they are very naughty and tear up my new shirt hanging on the drying tree in the kitchen. (grrr...grumble...)
  5. Work.  Thankful, even when it makes me grumpy and crazy, to have not one job but 2 that I enjoy and don't mind going to.  
  6. Creativity.  I am so grateful for that "one bead" and all that it has brought to my life.  I have an outlet to express myself, a passion to spread to others, and fabulous people who want my jewelry.  
  7. Expression.  I am thankful beyond words to have this outlet in my life.  I am tickled by the people who comment and continue to stop by and read the blog.  It takes my breath away to know that anyone is interested enough to hear what I say and come back for more!  On that front, sometime in the past couple weeks when I wasn't looking, I crossed the 30,000+ hit mark on the blog stats!  Thank you all!
Now I promised you all a sneak peak, and here it comes.  In a couple weeks, my Day of the Dead Challenge project is due for submission to The Hole Bead Shop for judging.  I finished it at the end of last week, so that I could get it to a professional photographer to do it justice in a single photo.  Amy Sandeen helped us out and did a terrific job.  I would love to show you how great the photos are, but that would give away the design before it is time!  So here is a morsel to tide you over!

Yes, it is cruel but I spent 20+ hours working on it, and I don't want the surprise spoiled!

I hope you are surrounded by all that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving!  See you here next week!

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