Monday, November 28, 2011

No Photos of Us

The other day I sat down and began work on the yearly holiday card designs.  It was difficult due to the fact that while we have pictures of cats:

Mina and the Girls: Sabrina, Suki, and Luna

pictures of beads:
Dazzled Dragon w/wire flame and Swarovski crystals
and pictures of jewelry:
Lord of Shields and Rings
We had about three very poor pictures of the three people in this house!  How is that possible?!  Thankfully, we had plenty of family to help us with the problem during our Thanksgiving get together.  Here are the results:

Much better!  Thanks to Walgreens, we have our cards all printed and purchased.  I also have almost all of our Pixybug business cards addressed and ready to go.  We always send Pixybug cards to customers who have purchased from us during the year and to our business contacts.  We use a photo or photos of designs or shows throughout the year.  This year we used a photo of Chris's penguin pairs that had been made into a necklace for a little girl in North Carolina at Flatwater Festival this summer. So I have almost checked the cards off the Holiday To Do list, and remarkably I have most of our shopping done except for some gift cards to pick up.  Shocking, really!

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