Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Michelle Mach's Very Vintage Fall Challenge REVEAL DAY!

Michelle Mach's Very Vintage Fall Challenge
A few weeks ago I joined up on "Creating the Hive" to more easily follow some of the blogs I track and to find new ideas and connections. 

I came across Michelle's blog through The Hive (and you can follow me there) and the day I did, just happened to be the day she had posted about her Fall Beading Challenge.  I hopped right over to her shop and purchased a kit (one of only 26). This is the picture I took of my kit items,

 and this is the picture of kit items from Michelle's shop Beads and Books.
 Here is what I made:
front view

right side

left side

full view (without me modeling)

close up for detail

the complete lovely piece
I had a lot of fun with the mix in the kit.  Loved the vintage Lucite pieces.  I received the autumn "peppermint" pendant, the amber open drop, and a cool purple/brown button which I couldn't get to work in my piece.  Luckily I had just purchased metal punch pliers, so I was able to put holes in my branch for hanging.  I made the chain on the right side using Lucite links (from MyElements on Etsy) and pieces of chain looped through them to connect them together.  I love the way the khaki green blends in with the browns and ambers.  I did a couple wire wraps on the side with the green loops incorporating some loose natural stone I had lying on my bead table.  I added a piece of ribbon cut from a decoration wrap on a package of beads from my friend, Carla's shop (Beads by C from beads and botanicals on Etsy).  It reminds me of leaves, which continues the theme of the necklace and add texture with the fiber.  On the other side of the necklace, I used the oval teardrop, did a link with jump rings to the pendant and the branch.  From the branch I added the Lucite leaves and some crystals from my stash made into drops.  To finish out the side, I used chain and made bead drops with some of the mix beads that came in the kit.  I love the finished design, have worn it several times and I am really enjoying playing with the eclectic designs that come with these bead challenges.  It helps me "branch" out (pun intended) and work on my asymmetrical designs.  The first time I tried making an asymmetrical design, I thought I would have an aneurism!  It actually hurt my head to force myself to think in "non-matching" designs.  It has gotten much easier, and now I almost have difficulty in going back to the "matching" way of thinking!  I hope you enjoyed my design, and please visit the other artists participating in the challenge!  Stop by tomorrow for some fun new fall designs!

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Carla said...

oh wow! gorgeous! and so fun to know that piece of ribbon was incorporated into the design--luv it!

Pixybug Designs said...

I either have to include it in my designs or the cat carries them off! Thank you!

bwheather said...

Cool, this turned out so well. Great final look. ;-)

Bead Lola Bead said...

Beautiful necklace Stephanie! I love that little snippet of fiber!

TesoriTrovati said...

That focal bead is really intriguing. Nicely done! Enjoy the day! Erin

Shirley said...

Perfect choice to add that bit of ribbon into the design. I like how the ends flare out, and kind of mimic the curviness of the branch. Love what you did with the amber drop, that was a great idea. This is a very pretty necklace!

salla said...

love the green beads you added!

Cyndi L said...

As a total sucker for asymmetry, I'm sold! Fantastic design :-)

Pearl and Pebble said...

OOOOHHH this is SO pretty!!!

Michelle Mach said...

What a fun necklace! I especially like the bit of ribbon you added.

Asymmetrical designs can still be challenging for me. That's probably why I like kits that don't contain pairs of matching beads!

Hope to see you in another challenge!

Lutka And Co. said...

Very pretty! Love the ribbons you added to it!

Chris said...

I love the way you put everything together - and the branch makes a perfect accent connector!

uptwnsh said...

Your design is so lovely! It uses the pieces in such clever ways, i.e. the ribbon! You did a great job!

maneki said...

Lovely necklace! I really like the colours and the mix of shapes. Very nice asymmetry too. (Myself, I'm still in the "gah, asymmetry is so har" stage.)

laurelmoon said...

A very fun necklace and such a great use of the components! Wonderful piece!

Firefly Visions said...

The green beads mixed with the more autumnal colors immediately made me think of the change of the season from summer to fall. The necklace is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful necklace. The colors you added really brighten up the muted fall colors. The addition of the ribbon is perfect!

Mary said...

I love to see what everyone has created because it is all so unique...

Holly said...

What a great necklace! And I understand oh-so-well about assymetrical designs! I'm the exact same way ;)

Cillaw said...

Beautiful. We both received very similar kits and made different designs! Don't you love these challenges!!

Kate said...

Great job. It was a fun kit to work with. I really like what you have created.

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