Monday, October 3, 2011

LONG Weekend, need REST and a Preview...

Chris found this on Facebook, and it was appropriate.  Our cat, Luna, looks like this cute baby and is often right in the middle of whatever you are doing.

We had a very long weekend, having two shows in two different places this weekend.  We were in Exeter on Saturday and in Hastings on Sunday.  Mina marched in the Harvest of Harmony parade with Blue Hill's band in Grand Island Saturday.   Chris went to visit with his classmates at his 25th get together in Doniphan, while I ran into Hastings because my Mom had gone to the ER at the hospital.  She has shingles (on top of Parkinson's Disease and osteo arthritis and heart issues) and is miserable from the pain.  I arrived at the hospital as they were getting in their car to head home.  I drove back to Doniphan to join Chris and stayed for a few minutes to meet his classmates.  We left to go to a gallery opening in Hastings, which ended about the time we thought it was supposed to start. Consequently, we didn't make the show, so we ate and headed home instead. 

We covered about 250 miles on Saturday and about 60 on Sunday.  Can we spell TIRED?  I don't know about spelling it, but we sure do feel it!

I am participating in Michelle Mach's Fall Beading Challenge, with the reveal happening tomorrow.  Here is a preview!
See what I mean about interrupting?  As I type, she is determined to cause problems!  Chris says "the only thing saving her is that she is SO cute!". 

This is a tiny part of my challenge design.  Stop by tomorrow for the reveal!


somethingunique said...

Hi Stephanie, boy you have alot on your too i found out several weeks ago that my estranged mom has lung cancer...she has no one so i have been out of town alot taking her to appointments...i still have not revealed my "Bead Soup" i couldn't get my bead to my partner in South Africa from Canada (customs issues) so i snet her $ and a pic of what i wanted to send her so i am waiting for her so we can reveal together...i guess better late than never eh!! omg i just love all of your posts that include you furry kids...always brings a smile to my face i even sometimes take pics on my phone and use them as screen savers and people are like who pet is that and i'm well my blog friends thay look at me like well alrighty then??? LOL... i hope you mom is feeling better soon dealing will chronic pain can take its toll on you..i have severe spinal arthritis so i can realate having both hips replace daily pain.
take some time and rest up have a great relaxing Monday ttfn Lana :)

Pixybug Designs said...

Gosh Lana, I think your plate is pretty full too! Thanks for you lovely comments, and if it weren't for deadlines, I would never finish anything! I sure do love my furry kids, especially the newest and naughtiest of the three! Luna is a sweetheart, but man she is tough to keep out of trouble! Love the ttfn, I always forget about that until I read it on someone's post! Tigger was always my favorite!

Carla said...

Such a pretty kitty amd that bit of the challenge design is gorgeous--looking forward to seeing the piece! :)

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Carla! Luna is a pretty kitty (pretty naughty anyways) and I really love the design!

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