Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Autumn Designs

Asymmetrical Autumn - Fall Challenge project

Chris's Shy Witch pendant (the necklace is so CUTE)
Fall Flourish fringe bracelet (Lucite from The Hole Bead Shoppe)
Mish Mash Necklace
New post earrings on display at Exeter
above and below: chalcedony hearts made by Chris and wired by me
another photo of the Mish Mash necklace and my favorite earrings, coffee and toffee
burst of bubbles necklace
autumn mish mash bracelet (polymer beads by Fanceethat)
time well spent with a new brass and grape necklace
Heirloom Rose Garden Pendant made to match my bracelet
Heirloom Rose Garden Bracelet (kit, design, and photo from Beads by C on Etsy)
Chris and I have been busy beaders!  These are all very recent designs.  Love the Mish Mash designs.  I took a bunch of neglected beads and dumped them in a BIG pile and started stringing.  On the necklace I used copper colored Soft Flex wire and at varying intervals, added crimps and left room for a few beads in the crimped space to have free movement.  Love the way that it turned out and the bracelet is the same way, but I used the pile of beads to make charms instead.  Gals have been asking for post earrings at shows, so I am trying my hand at them.  Design kinks need to be worked out yet, like what type of epoxy to use and ideas for things to put on the posts, and what size posts to get.  Most of what is on the rack for posts that are non-dangle style will be reworked in the near future.  Chris's chalcedony hearts are GORGEOUS and we had lots of compliments on them, but still have both.  The fall flourish bracelets turned out so well, and thought they would have sold during our two weekend shows, but they didn't.  I can never guess at what customers will buy!  I really love the coffee cup earrings, they are hanging with Czech glass coffee beads, toffee colored crystals and tiny miniature coffee cups from the doll house furniture department!  Fun!  The burst of bubbles necklace is made from double ended Christmas ornaments from Hobby Lobby!  The strands had two bubbles with a wire connecting them, so I cut them in half and used them like fancy head pins.  I believe I used the whole package on the necklace!  Carla's Heirloom Rose bracelet was so fun to put together, I made a pendant and earrings to match!  I love kits because with all the beading I do, it is like a bead vacation when I get to make something pretty, quick, and designed for me!  I did adapt it a bit, adding a few extra dangles.  The pendant also has a brass hummingbird tucked into it!


Anonymous said...

WOW! You two have been BUSY! Looks like you are set for a fantastic holiday season. Every time I come to your blog I get so inspired!!

The Hole Bead Shoppe said...

Beautiful! I love it all.

oooLiekeooo said...

I love the bracelet!

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