Thursday, August 4, 2011

Meet Luna

This is Luna, sometimes called Luna Baboona.  She is our new kitten and keeping Suki on her toes.  This allows both of them to leave Sabrina alone (mostly).  Unlike Suki, Luna has "fluff" for brains, not a lot going on up there, except how to get herself into trouble!
She is very playful and really quite skittish yet, quick movements or startling her will shoot her from the room.  Luna is very cute and has a BIG voice for such a small cat.  Though with the size of her paws, I doubt very much that she will be small for long.
She loves tails flicking in her direction, as Sabrina's is here.  Sabrina...not so fond of this fascination.  Luna also makes typing difficult as she pounces on your fingers and the keyboard!


The Folk Art Tree said...

She looks sweet!

Pixybug Designs said...

She is very sweet, but likes to try getting "people" food and spends quite a bit of time in "kitty time out" for getting on the table. She is fun and very cute, Chris says that is all that keeps her living at times!

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