Friday, August 5, 2011

Oh Man...

I was supposed to open this morning at work.  FORGOT.  By the time I woke up (I am sick too by the way), I was already late.  Couldn't figure out why my boss wasn't there to answer the phone when I called in sick.   Gonna be ONE of them DAYS!  I am going to the doctor this morning, but I feel like a GREAT BIG DOPE!   Part of the problem is I used to open all the time and haven't opened at all this year so I obviously am out of the habit.  I even wrote it on my "white board" (my left hand) but it has faded, so that didn't work either!

We will be at the Highland Park Farmers Market on Saturday 8am-12pm and at the Hastings Art in the Park at Libs Park from 10am-5pm on Sunday.  Hope to see you and hope your day and weekend are wonderful (and that mine gets better)!

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