Friday, June 10, 2011

Final Tip of the Week

This week I have shared tips for the "biz".  Today's post is about the look of your show set up.  I think it is important to make my display as pretty and tidy as possible.  I try to keep the business "flotsam" behind the table and hidden from customers.  I also try to have a variety of heights on the table displays to add interest.  This has been one of the most difficult challenges of the jewelry business.  Finding displays that work, and look good.  Not as easy as you would think.  I am continually on the hunt for new items that will work better than what I am currently using.
Grand Island Bead Bazaar, April 2011

Art on the Green, Geneva, July 2010

Highland Park Farmers Market, Hastings, Summer/Fall 2010

Exeter Fall Craft Bazaar, Exeter, October 2010
As you see, our booth changes for the show, and for the season.  I use "picnic" looking table cloth for the spring/summer, rust for fall, and deep red for Christmas.  I also add a bit of floral decoration (gerber daisies in bright colors for spring and summer, autumn leaves and mums for fall, and Christmas lights or a tiny tree and tree skirt for Christmas).  We cover our tables with cream colored sheets for the whole table and then add the colored accent tablecloth to the top.  This allows us to hide our display totes under the table instead for taking them out to the car and then back in for tear down.

Our first show of the summer season is tomorrow, Highland Park Farmers Market, in Highland Park behind the Hastings Museum, starts at 8am tomorrow!  Chris and Mina will be there, and I will be at Julie's.  Our seed beading group meets tomorrow and we are branching out to learn chainmaille!  Have a great weekend!

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