Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tuesday Knowledge and Humor

The Royal Wedding last week was lovely.  The bride, gorgeous and sophisticated.  The groom, handsome and gentlemanly.  The affair, elaborate and huge.  The thing I loved: the hats.  They ranged from this (elegant and refined):
To this (bewildering and a WHAT WAS SHE THINKING moment):
I learned via the internet, that these are not actually hats, but something called "Fascinators", which are mounted to your head with a headband or a comb hidden underneath to hold them in place.
This sent me hunting on Etsy for more outrageous "Fascinators".

Wow, don't know the occasion for this, but it is interesting!
Cute and adorable, but still a bit much.
Bold, and uh, WOW!
This one comes with matching jewelry!
I actually really love this one!
So, what did you think of the wedding if you watched it?  I heard an interview on NPR with some gals that had a formal party for watching the wedding.  They DRESSED for the affair and had food and drinks!  Hope your Tuesday is Elegant and Tasteful!

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