Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BTW= This Week's Beaky Bird Additions

More Beaky Birds have been added to the flock this week! 
"Sparkle" Beaky
Sadly, Sparkle suffered trauma in his kilning process and cracked under the stress.  That is sad for our customers, but great for me!  I loved him, and though he is "cracked" I can wear it!
Errurru Beaky Rooster
Okay, is that how you spell the chicken/rooster noise?  It is now!  Errurru is the first of the opaque Beaky lineup, I love him too!
Polka Beaky Bird
Polka is dotty and shows off some of Chris's new "mad" orbital skills he learned in his March class with Melanie Moertel.  Polka is also a bit glitzy as his core is Pineapple Sparkle so he has a bit of glittery goodness!
Tweetly Beaky Bird
Tweetly was inspired by our friend, Carla's blog post showing her lovely bluebird visitor.  Tweetly looks a little sassy don't you think?
ParRot Beaky Bird
I think ParRot looks a bit tropical, parrotish style.  He has reactive glass on his insides, and doesn't look like he is quite sure he wants to live with us!
Cirus the Citrus Beaky Bird
Cirus is also a favorite of mine!  I really love that bright Citrus pop of the orange and the yellow together!  Very pretty and I think Cirus is a bit stunned by his loveliness too!  Love the expression on his face!
Beaky Bird Totem!  How fun is that!  These pictures turned out so well!  Chris hit the deck with the camera at the perfect time this morning to show the Beaky Birds in all their glorious plumage!  If you are interested in purchasing a Beaky, they are priced at $30 each and we hope to eventually get them posted to Etsy!  Where does the time go?!!! 
This is just a quick picture of a new button Chris happened to have in his Beaky Bird Box.  Pretty deep amber glass surrounding khaki green!

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