Monday, May 2, 2011

In the Beginning...

It all began several years (okay, make that many severals), when my brother Mark, started working for Wal-Mart.  One of the first things he bought with his earnings:

This high tech gaming devise (yes, before phones that did everything under the sun, there were watches you could play Pac-man on and it was very cutting edge then!)  began an obsession at our house.  My Dad quickly became addicted and played it at every opportunity.  This eventually led to Mark buying this:
The very FIRST Nintendo game console.  Oh how I loved thee!  This is STILL one of my very favorite games that we played on the console, and now I play it on my Wii.
Zelda Universe

Yep, TOTAL Legend of Zelda addict!  I have played all of the Zelda games, and not enjoyed some of them.  THIS one I have enjoyed and cursed, but I still play it.  It is where my video game addiction began. 
Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I am a video game addict.  I have played them on a watch, on consoles (several generations of consoles in fact), table top style arcade machines, upright arcade machines, on computers, on my iPod touch, and I LOVE THEM ALL!  Time wasters, yes, but they are entertaining, and for me an escape to a place where that is the only thing going on in my head.  Funny, I never really thought of that until now.  I often feel as though there are ping pong balls bouncing around inside of my head.  Keeping schedules, things I need to do, work projects, family issues, household tasks, jewelry ideas, show tasks and business paperwork.  Makes me a bit dizzy just typing it out here!  But when I play video games, I can escape from the barrage going on inside my head for a few blissful moments and that is PRICELESS!  Like a spa vacation (only shorter, cheaper, and far less exotic).

So what has brought on this trip down memory lane and the tour through my head?  This game:
Plants vs. Zombies 
It is our new v. g. obsession.  Defending your home (backyard, front yard, roof, pool) from the Zombie horde trying to eat your brains!  Fun and addictive, I began playing it on my iPod and when it came up on sale at one of the online video game sites for download, I bought it and now Chris and Mina are addicted as well.  I guess that makes me an addict AND an enabler!  I would love to hear what games you like to play!  Happy Monday!


rockcreekcreations said...

OMG, this totally brought out memories. Our first video came console was in approx 1978. The atari!! WhooHoo Pong! LOL

When our kids were little we also had nintendo. The kids never realized how we could pass so many levels when the game came out of the box...We'd been secretly playing it for weeks before xmas.

A few of my favorites include gradius and Zombie at my neighbors! Thanks for the memories!!

Pixybug Designs said...

You bet! I guess we had some system in the 70s from Sears that had a pong style game on it too, I forgot that one! Love the story about Christmas! TOO FUNNY!

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