Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday's Etsy Spotlights

 This week's spotlight goes to Jamie Hicks and her company, The Critter Company.  I found Jamie on Etsy last year when I was looking for some fun Summertime beads to work into low cost, fun kid's jewelry.  Jamie makes all sorts of fun polymer beads!  This picture shows the ones I recently ordered for this Summer's shows and I also buy them for Julie's Xpressions in Hastings (these beads can all be found there!).  I have used the peace signs and smiley faces before.  This year's suns have sunglasses and the colorful flowers have been shrunken to make the perfect earring size.  I love the bright colors and fun designs!
Jamie's beads ready for earring making
Earrings using last year's suns

These Fourth of July beads are from Jamie's Etsy store.  We sold the stars last summer at Julie's and they were very popular!  Cute and sparkly!

The other artist in spotlight this week is US!  We have had sales this week!  Our Etsy store is the one aspect of our business that takes a big amount of time and we rarely have enough to do it justice.  We have sold some of our "Home is Where You Make Your Nest" necklaces for gifts this week and last week!  Here are the birdie beads waiting patiently for their birdhouses!
I love these tiny and lovely birdies!  They are some of my favorites of all the beads Chris makes.  We etch some to give them a matte finish and others are not.  The opaques usually don't get etched, as it seems that the transparent glass looks better etched.  Stop by tomorrow for some parental bragging!


The Critter Company said...

Oh, thank you Stephanie! What a nice surprise!

Pixybug Designs said...

You Bet Jamie! I LOVE YOUR BEADS! They are very HAPPY! :0)

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