Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Pride and Joy

Okay, time for some Parental Bragging.  I love my daughter, Mina.  There it is.  I have said (written) it for all the world to hear (read)!  (Rather appropriate considering it is Mother's Day weekend!)  Tuesday was spent doing the parental thing.  We went first to Mina's track meet to watch her run...
and this was the only race she ran as she ended up not feeling well.  I got a sunburned and blistered face.  I didn't think to put sunscreen there!
Once the track meet was over, we flew home to clean up for Mina's end of the year Honors night band and choir concert.

The pictures are a bit dark because of the distance and the camera trying to flash.  She is playing the trombone in the top picture and on the end of the top row in the vocal music picture.
She received notice that not only has her marble won a Gold Key, but she also received a medal at the North Platte Art Show.
Mina and her best friend, Lexi looking all pretty and grown up!  Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Carla said...

What a beautiful and talented daughter you have! Please tell her I said hello. :)

Pixybug Designs said...

You bet! I wonder sometimes what I did in my life that brought me such a beautiful blessing as my daughter!

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