Friday, April 15, 2011

Congratulations Mina!

In honor of our sweet, lovely, goofy daughter, Mina.  She gets confirmed on Sunday, and we will be celebrating with family this weekend.  Here are some of my favorite shots of her!
Top: Mina age 3 birthday picture.  Bottom: Chris, Mina, and I at Platte River State Park.
Mina at Camp Cosmo Girl Scout camp as a Brownie.  Chris and Mina at the Henry Doorly Zoo.
Top: Mina ready for her 2nd grade Spring music concert.  Bottom: Mina with a butterfly she hatched.
Top: Mina pretending she is Mary at Christmas time.  Bottom: Chris and Mina celebrating her new loft bed and paint job in her bedroom.
Mina with Bubbles, her hamster.
Mina on the GSAG (Girl Scout Advisory Group) Retreat at Camp Catron in Nebraska City.
Mina and cousin, Corrine, on the Meyer's family river tank float.
Mina with her baby cousin, Zoe.
Mina and cousin Preston, playing wild animals at Aunt Janet's house.
We do this for the first day of every school year, this one was this year's picture.
Mina and her best friend Lexi, with the cousins and Moritz (foreign exchange student staying with cousins) at Aunt Janet's house at Thanksgiving.
Mina and Suki.
Suki giving her official approval to Mina's confirmation dress.

Congratulations Mina Rose!  We are proud of you!


Carla said...

Congratulations, Mina! Enjoy your special day! :)

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Carla!

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