Monday, April 18, 2011


Years ago, Nickelodeon channel had the show "Angry Beavers" and we were addicted to it!  I have always identified with Dagget the younger brother and infinite loser.  Poor Dag, no matter how hard he tried things just never turned out for him the way he hoped they would.  I had that kind of week last week, here are the highlights (some of which were VERY lowlights):
  • My Dad was hospitalized on Tuesday with bronchitis and by Wednesday, he had pneumonia in both lungs.  By Thursday, he had bursitis in his arm and leg and he was hallucinating.  On Friday, they took him into surgery (with extreme caution due to his breathing issues) and drained the fluid in his arm and leg.  Friday night he was put in ICU, and I had a call at 11:30pm from the hospital advising us that he was being moved, requested not to be resuscitated if it came to that and also wouldn't be put on a ventilator at his request.  My brother, here for Mina's confirmation, went to the hospital at 12:30am and spent a couple hours there with Dad.  Dad is still in ICU, but they hope to move him back to a normal room for a couple days, and then he will come home.
  • We had to take my Mom to the ER at the hospital on Saturday morning at 5:50am to have 7 stitches put in her leg.  She bumped against the lever on the recliner and cut her leg open, leaving puddles of blood across the carpet with each step she took to her other chair.  She didn't feel up to the confirmation party yesterday.
  • Cooked and Cleaned more than I have since Mina's last family birthday party at our house, 6 YEARS ago!
  • Enjoyed a beautiful speech from Mark about Mina (he and his wife, Cheryl are her Godparents and sponsors) on Saturday night at her confirmation questioning.
  • Was completely blown away by Mina's Faith Statement at confirmation questioning.
  • Was touched, when during the Sunday confirmation service, Mina received her blessing and had 17 people that love her lay hands upon her.
  • Enjoyed all of our cooking and cleaning with those 17 family members after church.  Shannon (Chris carpools with her) made Mina's cake (carrot with wonderful cream cheese frosting) and it was beautiful and yummy and is all gone!
  • Am SO thankful for the support of family and MY faith in God, to get me through weeks like last week! 


Katie ( said...

Blessings and prayers to you and your family to get you through all the issues that have arisen.

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Katie! I appreciate it!

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