Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 1

Today was Stephanie's first day on the bead show circuit.  They hit one show, To Bead True Blue.  She was able to finally meet Kelli from the Hole Bead Shop, got some lucite pieces there, talked to a gal who is working with Sherry Serafini on some pieces, got some of her raku pieces and I don't know what else.  A bunch of other stuff I am sure.  She commented on the people who live in a warm climate and get exposed to the cold once in a while.  The low in Tucson last night was around 20, the same temperature as our high today here in Nebraska.  Knowing my wife, she was probably in shirt sleeves, with wet hair to boot.

Several years ago, when Beads and Botanicals was a still brick and mortar store in Hastings, darling daughter and I made Steph a bracelet for Mother's Day.  Carla had an example made up and we followed it pretty closely.  I was a newbie to the beading thing at that time and needed all the help I could get.  It turned out well but within a couple of months, one of the lampwork beads (not made by me) on it broke and my crimp job on the clasp came loose.  Steph moved on to bigger and better things and the bracelet was left in the bottom of her jewelry box.  When I started lampworking, the bracelet migrated to the shelf beside my workstation on the porch.  There it hung for a couple of years waiting on me to do something with it.  I finally have.  With Mina's help, I reworked it.  The lampwork is gone from it and some more stones from Steph's stash came in.  I kept with the color pallet that Carla had worked up for the original but made it ours.
The original piece before reworking.

The piece reworked
Well, what do you think?  Will Steph like the reworked and repaired piece?  Did Mina and I do a good job picking out some new parts for it?  Any suggestions?

Until tomorrow,
Guest Blogger Chris

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Anonymous said...

Nice work! I love that the three of you share a passion for beads, and I think the father-daughter collaboration on this one in particular is a winner. You've stayed true to the palette, but enriched it with so much more texture. Lucky Stephanie!!

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