Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Arrival in Tucson

Well dear readers, Stephanie has made it to Tucson.  She went to Omaha yesterday to be sure to get on the plane today.  Streets in Omaha were BAD yesterday.  The first leg of her journey started a bit behind as there was a bit of trouble with her plane.  Due to the extreme cold, something froze up and needed thawing.  Then the plane needed deicing.  It shortened her layover in Denver to all of 25 minutes.  Not a bad thing.  She took lots of pictures of the mountains and clouds and the cacti outside of the Tucson airport.  Julie said that Steph hasn't quit smiling yet.  I can only imagine.

Well, that is all for tonight.  Darling daughter had confimation tonight so I don't have time to do a longer post.  Check back tomorrow for more on Tucson and maybe something else from me.

Thanks for reading.
Guest blogger Chris

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gr8findings said...

So glad to hear she made it safely! Now the real adventure begins ~ will be be checking back to see what fun she is up to!

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