Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On her way...

Well, Steph is now in Omaha.  Her flight goes out early Wednesday afternoon, we hope.  I drove her to Hastings this morning in the blowing and drifting snow and frigid wind chills.  There were whiteout conditions for part of the way.  After dropping her off, I went to Physical Therapy and called home to see if I had to go to work.  I had a 10am start that I was sure of but there was supposed to be a call made about the rest of the day.  At 9:30 no call had gone out, so I headed to work.  At 9:55, about 12 miles from work, darling daughter calls to say "No work, come home."  So after another hour of driving in the snow and wind, I got home.

I wish it wasn't so cold.  I want to go play on the torch some more.  Speaking of torching, here are a couple of hearts I made just before the weather changed.  The larger heart is made out of Gaffer Chalcedony (with a touch of black) and the smaller is Blue Chalcedony.  I like playing with these two glasses.  They are kind of like Raku but with properties all their own.  I hope you like.

Guest blogger Chris


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