Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beads, Beads, Beads!

Chris has been busy! Here are some of his new beads and bead sets.

I haven't been as busy. I am preparing to have surgery on March 12, though after the surgery I will have LOTS of time for beading! I have to have a hysterectomy, so will be off work 2-3 weeks at the very least! I do have a couple seed bead bracelets I have been working on, will get the pics of those up soon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flower Power Ceiling Pull

I was chatting on facebook the other night with my niece about the different things Chris is making with his glass working. She asked if he could make her a ceiling fan pull, I said sure what did she want. This is the result! So cool~I have ordered beads like it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chris's Birthday Gift

Though Chris won't turn 41 until next month, this is what I got him for his birthday. Well, the pendant anyway is my gift. It is a sterling silver handmade pendant made by Alison Osborne (Ali-O jewelry). I have long admired a whole bracelet of these pretty peace signs, and it came to me how awesome one of the peace signs (more in my budget than the whole bracelet!) would look with some of Chris's lampwork beads. Well, what do you think? He made the encased raku beads so they resemble "tie dye" from the 60s, in a subdued and manly way. He has the wild tie dye shirts, but I told him this would be better for wearing more often, than the crazy colored, but pretty beads. I love the combination!
What's next? Flower Power Fan Pull.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does this center focal bead look familiar? Yes, it is from the same batch of acrylic chunky beads that the wire wrapped chain necklace used. Instead of more wire wrapping and more blue, I went with rose Swarovski crystals and the same pale aqua in Czech glass dagger beads. The daggers matched the nugget bead perfectly, and I didn't get them from the same place. I LOVE it when that happens! The flower toggle is silver plate and one of my favorite styles.
This shaped millifiori focal bead was purchased last summer from a gift store. The bracelet just had a cord on it, so I took that off and put some fun colors of cat's eye beads to pick up the colors in the millifiori bead. Simple, but fun and summery.

Next up? Chris's birthday gift.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Necklaces

These are the other necklaces I made on Wednesday night. This one uses big chunky pale aqua acrylic beads from my bargain bead stash, silver plated big link chain (not from the bargain stash!), chunky spacers Chris made, glass heart beads, and Swarovski. Yes, I know you are shocked! I wire wrapped the whole thing together with fine silver wire. Those of you who know me well, know how much (little) I like to wire wrap. Though with practice and lots of it, it is getting easier. Earrings are no problem, but this wire wrapping at both ends of the link is still a challenge.
This is a seed bead medallion that I stitched while teaching myself a spiral square stitch. The points on the edge have tiny 2.5 mm Swarovski bicone crystals and there is a large one in the center. There are also champagne and fuschia Swarovski on the silver beading wire.
What's next? Bracelets!

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Jewelry for Mina and Snow

This cute necklace is one of the 3 I put together the other night. This uses a Green Girl Studios Charm, this happens to mermaid girl, and lots of millifiori beads. Big nuggets and rondelles and silver plated seed beads. Mina loves millifiori beads and she loves to swim, she is our mermaid girl! She had a quiz bowl meet on Thursday, and I made this for her for good luck. Didn't do to bad that way, won 3 of the 4 matches they had.
Snow! UGH! Thursday last week was almost 60 and the next day we had 5-6 inches of snow in about 4-5 hours! Beautiful, bad visibility, and the kids got a snow day out of the deal! Mina was rolling around in the snow in the backyard when we called her in for supper.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Beads and Great Bargains

These are some recent purchases from beads and botanicals, that you will soon see made into jewelry. Carla also got ovals of the the striped malachite and of course I had to have one of those also.
These are my fabulous bargain bag beads. Carla had stunning prices on the baggies that held these beauties, and some were made in to jewelry last night. I made 3 necklaces and 2 bracelets before bed last night! New pictures of those will be up soon!

Next up? New jewelry!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bunnies & Chickens

The hen yard. These girls were made for spring time. We are working on a line of "spring chickens". The future may bring pastel chickens for springtime.
BUNNIES!! Lots and Lots of Bunnies! These cuties are actually made to look like their ready to hop out of the picture! Some have hopped their way onto earrings!
These were the first batch of bunnies. The black and white one lost an ear, and so the design on the ears were changed a bit in the picture above.
A close up of the bunnies. I like the tilt of their heads. It gives them an ornery look!
Mina decided to have some fun with the bunnies and her Legos. No bead bunnies were harmed in the filming of this picture! We appologize in advance for any disturbing images that may get stuck in your head and haunt you the rest of the day.
Next up~Beady Bargains.

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Valentine Earrings

These fabulous earrings are made from blown glass hearts (purchased from Beads and Botanicals), jet Swarovski, Light Siam Swarovski, and Czech glass flowers. Big! Very Blingy, not so much sparkle, but a big statement!
These are more delicate. The pink and white whirl beads were made by Chris, and I added Swarovski crystals, and crystal pearls, and Czech glass that conveniently matched the ones Chris made! I love it when that happens!
Next up? Spring critters hopping your way!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Bracelets

These are a couple bracelets I made Friday (I took the day off work to bead!), and I am really pleased with the results! This one uses some really gorgeous glass beads I bought at Beads and Botanicals. They have blue and white swirled and blue adventurine sparkle added and then are encased in clear (do I sound like I am married to a bead maker?)! So pretty, they sort of reminded me of my Grandma's Willow china. The rest of the bracelet is Swarovski dark Sapphire, sterling silver beads, silver plate western themed charms, and chain. I really love the sheriff's star, the boot, the cactus, and the pistol. Fun, don't you think?!
This lovely springtime fringe bracelet showcases the lovely focals Chris made for me (I showed them to you in an earlier post), 8mm Swarovski rounds in Jonquil and Light Rose (the picture was giving Chris fits), and lovely loops of pastel Easter egg colored seed beads. I did double rows of the fringe loops and it feels wonderful too! The weight and movement are great! These are both going in to Graham Gallery (the fringe one is there now!). Stop in and have a look for yourself!
Next up~New Earrings!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More New Beads by Chris

A few last hearts going into Beads and Botanicals.
Blue and white spotty beads also to Beads and Botanicals. These are very pretty, the white spots are really bumpy so they have a nice texture.
Cream swirls. Chris was practicing/playing with his new bead press. He likes the uniform shapes, but isn't crazy about how much glass it takes to fill the press. He really loves forming his beads by freehand, making each individual, and one of a kind.
This is an example of the one of a kind. He has been working on "organic" style beads, meaning something you might find in nature. I don't know that I am into the "organic" style!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Special Orders

Chris and I enjoy doing special orders for customers. These cute chickens went to a couple gals Chris works with. One ordered special earrings, the other saw the extra pair and bought them! I really like making jewelry with Chris's animal beads. They are so cute!
It is also fun to be creative with how things are put together. The top chickens have fire opal "eggs" under them, and the ones below are some new light emerald "eggs". Of course, the "eggs" are Swarovski crystals! You know that I am an addict and will put them in absolutely everything I can. The three (soon to be five after sorting) double sided boxes of crystals are my absolute favorites in my bead collection. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES AND SO MUCH SPARKLE!! Everyone need sparkle in their lives! Yes, this is me justifying purchasing more crystals!
Here are some trial runs for "blue whales", we have an order for. TOO CUTE! Ok, maybe the dark blue one is not so much a whale as a fish with whale aspirations! His eyes are a bit wonky making him look like he possibly has not seen blue whales before!
Next up~more beads by Chris!

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