Monday, February 16, 2009

New Jewelry for Mina and Snow

This cute necklace is one of the 3 I put together the other night. This uses a Green Girl Studios Charm, this happens to mermaid girl, and lots of millifiori beads. Big nuggets and rondelles and silver plated seed beads. Mina loves millifiori beads and she loves to swim, she is our mermaid girl! She had a quiz bowl meet on Thursday, and I made this for her for good luck. Didn't do to bad that way, won 3 of the 4 matches they had.
Snow! UGH! Thursday last week was almost 60 and the next day we had 5-6 inches of snow in about 4-5 hours! Beautiful, bad visibility, and the kids got a snow day out of the deal! Mina was rolling around in the snow in the backyard when we called her in for supper.

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