Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Special Orders

Chris and I enjoy doing special orders for customers. These cute chickens went to a couple gals Chris works with. One ordered special earrings, the other saw the extra pair and bought them! I really like making jewelry with Chris's animal beads. They are so cute!
It is also fun to be creative with how things are put together. The top chickens have fire opal "eggs" under them, and the ones below are some new light emerald "eggs". Of course, the "eggs" are Swarovski crystals! You know that I am an addict and will put them in absolutely everything I can. The three (soon to be five after sorting) double sided boxes of crystals are my absolute favorites in my bead collection. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES AND SO MUCH SPARKLE!! Everyone need sparkle in their lives! Yes, this is me justifying purchasing more crystals!
Here are some trial runs for "blue whales", we have an order for. TOO CUTE! Ok, maybe the dark blue one is not so much a whale as a fish with whale aspirations! His eyes are a bit wonky making him look like he possibly has not seen blue whales before!
Next up~more beads by Chris!


Carla said...

Love the chickies and the whalies! :-)

Pixybug Designs said...

Thanks Carla. The whales are prototype for Angela's mom.

Pixybug Designs said...
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