Friday, August 28, 2009

New Rules According To Stephanie...

A good blogging/Facebook friend recently posted the rules according to her, so here are the rules according to me!
1. Under NO circumstances, listen to negative thinking. It gets in your head and heart and NO amount of therapy can erase it permanently.
2. Laugh. A LOT. OFTEN. Whether with friends, family, strangers, or even alone, Do It As Often As Possible. (Try not to laugh at others and cause rule #1 to happen).
3. Love A Lot. Often (repeat Rule #2 here).
4. Do something you enjoy EVERY day. Life is too short to not obey this rule. For me, that would be beading, reading, video games, movies, or laughing with Chris and Mina (though often we break the rule above by laughing at our pets.)
5. After being married for 18 years, you should get another household shower to replace towels, sheets, etc. that are worn out and ookey. Yes, that is a technical term.
6. Catch up with friends, classmates, and relatives you have lost contact with, even the ones you didn't especially care for. Time changes people and you may have been the jerk to begin with!
7. Relax. Don't take life to0 seriously, none of us get out alive! If you can't fix it, pray about it, share it with a friend, write it out. Problems usually aren't as bad on paper, as they are in your head.
8. Find peace. Whether you are sitting in church, watching the sun rise, enjoying a cool fall breeze on your face, or seeing the twinkling humor of a good joke on the face of a child, find the little things in life and relish them.
9. Be You. No one else can do if for you, and you know inside what you like and don't, so listen to that little voice. I bought sparkly, purple frames for my bifocals yesterday. Yes, they may be over the top, but sometimes so can I. I am soon going to have a line of jewelry called "Steph Colors", because all my friends say that to me. "Oh, I saw something and thought of you because they were "Steph" colors." You have NO idea how many times my friends have said this to me! What are Steph's colors? Bright orange, lime green, coral, turquoise blue, fuschia, and any variety or mix of all of the above at once! I have a sweater at home that has ALL of those colors and I feel really great when I wear it. Sparkle, it will blind people so they can't see what's wrong with you!
10. (Though I could go on longer) Dream. Big, small, possible, impossible. Doesn't matter, just do it. You can't have dreams come true without the dreams to begin with!
So what are the rules according to you?

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