Friday, August 28, 2009

It's Official~I am OLD...

Yesterday, age set in. Oh I crossed the 40 year mark a couple years ago (one of the worst birthdays EVER, not due to age either~no gifts, no celebrations, NO CAKE! You know who you are!), but it struck me yesterday that it has caught up to me. I got my eyes checked (rarely a positive experience~they always get worse, and cost too much money), but now I am going to have to wear BIFOCALS. Yes, I know that with the progression of my vision, it was inevitable. However, I FEEL OLD TODAY! Silly, yes. Ridiculous, yes. BUT TRUE!
On a more positive note, we have started looking for a different car, after a long, ugly story involving not having my Subaru since the 22nd of May, we decided to not put anymore $ into it, and to find something else. Not a task Chris or I enjoy. Hopefully, it doesn't take long! Happy Weekend!

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Jodie said...

Bifocals? Welcome to my world, sweetheart! Good luck on the car search. Did you see my blog and what I ended up with?

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