Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Week Part 1

LOOK PICTURES! Wow, that is something new! Sorry, again. Jewelry making ranks just slightly above the blog posting at this time of year. So let's look at the new stuff shall we?

This necklace/earring set has handmade beads made with Czech fire polish rounds and seed beads, and a lovely millifiori pendant with a hand stitched bail. The earrings don't match each other, but they match the necklace. I stitched the beads and made the bail on the pendant. One of the gals I showed it to at the Hastings Public Library, said it looks like "happiness". Not a bad thing with these gloomy days!
This fabulous necklace also has a millifiori pendant. This time it is a huge heart donut. The bead covers the palm of my hand! I used copper seed beads and Czech fire polish rounds to bring out the copper sparkles in the heart, and picked up a bit of the blues and reds with seed beads.

This lampworked glass leaf pendant was made by Chris. I used a gorgeous copper chain, and wired dangles of glass beads in lovely fall colors to compliment the gorgeous leaf.

Want more? Tune in tomorrow! There's lots of eye candy for your viewing pleasure on its way!

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