Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last Week Part 2

These are the last of my favorite pieces from last week.
This bracelet is made with gray freshwater pearls and iolite heshi slices. The dangle is Swarovski attached with a piece of silver chain. The sterling heart toggle is one of my very favorite. I have used the style in several pieces. In case, you have never noticed hearts are my favorite shape!
This necklace and earrings (not sold as a set, just pictured together) are made with crystal AB finished Czech fire polished rounds again made into beads, and strung with more of the same to add to the Bling factor! I really love this style of earrings, with lots of dangles for movement.
This copper pearl woven bracelet is complimented by a very pretty copper clasp (I sound like I am narrating a fashion show runway!). The earrings are similar in design to the ones above though this time the pearl diamonds are accompanied by Swarovski crystals on the dangles!
This is all Swarovski! The pearls, crystals, and gorgeous vintage style slider pendant are all made by them! I like the crystal pearls because they are all drilled in the manner of other beads which makes them much easier to work with than freshwater pearls which have tiny holes and are drilled half way on each side so they don't always match up. That is not at all frustrating!

I saved my favorite for last! This is a simple design using silver seed beads, porcelain spacers and hearts made by Clay River Designs, and of course Swarovski crystals to add just a bit of glam. The pendant is ceramic and I got it at the Kearney bead show last spring. The earrings also have porcelain hearts and Swarovski.
So what's next? Check out tomorrow for how Chris and Mina spent a day together!

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