Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Little Piggy

Mina has been bitten by the acting bug. She is going portray one of the 3 little pigs in the Hastings Jr. Community Theater "Enchanted Forest" production at the YWCA for Halloween. This is a maze that the "Fairy Godmother" leads the little kids through and the get to stop and visit with the fairy tale creations from the stories. Mina is dressed here as the Luau Pig (which doesn't seem the wisest choice for a pig) but she does actually play the smarter of the 3 pigs. I wanted to share the costume with you in case you need one for Halloween. We used hot pink duct tap for the ears and nose and tail (below). We covered a head band with the duct tape and then the ears were made separately. The nose uses craft foam and a medicine cup as the base and then is attached to Mina with pink satin ribbon. The pink clothes I found at Wal-mart, and we had all the other additives. Her tail has a wire inside the duct tape to hold the curly shape.

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