Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jewelry Made

I was up late last night again making jewelry. I made two necklaces, a bracelet, and two pair of very dangly earrings. The one necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings are made with 3 sizes of crystal ab fire polish czech crystal. GORGEOUS! Very sparkly. The necklace has some beaded beads I made using the 4mm size fire polish and seed beads. They look great on the necklace! This is good since I made some colored ones to go on another necklace! My goal is to get 3 of the necklaces made this week that have been lingering sadly partially finished on my various work surfaces. I tried making a necklace last night that has the clasp down in front as part of the design, but it doesn't quite work, so that one gets to go back to the design board. I really love the color scheme though, topaz and amethyst very autumn. This is also the color scheme for the other pair of earrings I made last night/this morning. Both pairs of earrings are made with chain and then the dangles are wired to the chain.
What else is happening in my world? Mina is competing in her first Quiz Bowl competition tomorrow. She went to her first boy/girl party Saturday night. She had a great time participating in the Hastings Jr. Community Theater production of the Enchanted Forest, Friday night and Saturday night. Mina and Chris worked with the Daisy Girl Scouts last night. Halloween (my favorite holiday) is Friday, and Mina gets to celebrate by not having school that day! Lucky girl. She is going to dress up as a cave explorer who is being attacked by bats. Have to work on that yet! More jewelry/bead making tonight, kicking into high gear to be ready for the holiday showcase at Graham Gallery, and the Blue Hill Holiday Bazaar (which Chris will be doing demos at with his torch). Pictures soon!

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Carla said...

Looking forward to seeing the new pretties. :-)

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