Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Designs

These are what I have been working on. This fringe bracelet, is all silver and turquoise. The nuggets are surrounded by fringe made with silver galvanized size 15 seed beads and a turquoise chip on the end of each. Around the center nugget, are 6 silver shade Swarovski crystals on branched fringe using the size 15 beads, the crystals on the ends, and a branch with a chip on it also.
This is my design. I did the whole thing on my own! I played with the leaf design for awhile for the holly, before coming up with one that didn't fold in half. There are many colors of greens in the holly leaves and the Lucite flowers are from The Hole Bead Shop with seed beads in the centers. For the holly berries, I made a fringe stem with a cluster of Light Siam 4mm size Swarovski bicones. I started this before Christmas last year, and didn't get it finished in time, but I think time was on my side, don't you!


Carla said...

Love the fringe....your holly leaves are really cool!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Carla!

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