Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend News

Happy Tuesday morning! Weather report in Lawrence, beautiful! A lovely cool fall day with rain that makes me want to be at home tucked in a comfy spot beading or reading and watching a great movie on TV. Unfortunately, I am at work instead! Oh, well it pays for the books and the beads! We spent Saturday and part of Sunday with our friends from Peru State where we went to college. We lost one of our college friends last year in July to cancer, and since have decided to meet every year at least once on Labor Day weekend to catch up on our lives. Since our get together last year, our friend Schaun has divorced and met a really wonderful gal Michele and they live in Omaha, our friends Doug and Crystal (we meet at their place near Ashland) have bought a house in Gretna, and are expecting their 6th baby in November!, and we got to see Jim who didn't make it last year, but did make it this year with his son and daughter. We had a great time laughing about the silliness of things we did in college and Mina had a terrific time playing with Doug and Crystal's 5 kids, Michele's 2 kids, and Jim's 2 kids and she was the oldest of the bunch. Lots of kids, fun to her since she is an only child! We decided yesterday that we are quitting Girl Scouts, as there have been issues with me being the troop leader and that the girls are not happy with us as their leaders. I considered doing a different troop, but this has been pretty heart breaking and difficult, so Chris and I decided to not be involved. Mina will still be a GS as she really loves it. There are pluses to this situation, we cleaned out all of the paper that goes with being a leader and found our bedroom! Chris will have more time to take the glass blowing class through Hastings college that he wants to take to further his glass working abilities, and I will have more time for beading that doesn't involve staying up til all hours of the morning! We may in days to come find our kitchen, living room, and Mina's room! We also want to unclutter the north end of our front porch so that it can be made into a studio workspace for me. Then we won't have beads from one end of the house to the other! Have a great week! Chris is making glass leaves for fall and you will soon see pics of them here!

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Carla said...

Wow! Big changes. The GS decision had to be difficult. Glad you are looking forward to the increased amount of time to do other things you enjoy!

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