Friday, August 29, 2008

Baubles, Baubles...

Here they are as promised. New pictures of new jewelry for our show at Giltner, NE. The craft show starts Thursday, September 4 and runs through Sunday, September 7 and then again on Thursday, September 11 through Sunday, September 14. This charm bracelet uses the beautiful Lucite beads purchased from The Hole Bead Shoppe in Oklahoma. I really love the Lucite, it is almost like making jewelry from the garden! The folks at the shop are very fun, and helpful~check out their new items if you haven't!
This is a fun Halloween charm bracelet which I made from charms purchased after Halloween last year. I added fun seed bead charms in Halloween-ish colors and this is the result! It is one I hope doesn't sell, but that rarely works out for my jewelry box!
This lovely piece is made with rondelle slices of various stones, spaced with silver seed beads, and complimented with dangles of the same and stone hearts that were purchased while we were in Columbia, MO.
This very feminine bracelet uses lovely rose beads from beads and botanicals along with Swarovski crystals, filigreed silver rounds, and a gorgeous lead free pewter heart toggle.

This trio of "hags" were made by my talented husband. They are strung on waxed cotton cording and complimented with spacers done to match them. Very festive and fun!

These are not your average mummy! Chris did his bead making magic to create special glass canes to give these lucky guys "aged" bandages, and they are SOOO cool!
These are our version of "Frankenstein's Monster" (does that make Haussler's Monster?). Frankie is also strung on cotton cording with matching spacers. The one on the left got a bit burned in the flames from his burning windmill, giving him a superb smudgy monster look!

These are earrings made with some new style beads Chris has been playing with. They are made with a masher/shaper thing and then decorated with dots. I strung them with Swarovski crystal AB pendant style on the bottom and white alabaster on the top.
This is Chris's field of ponies! Ready to go home with any horse lover!
This adorable moo moo is a ceiling fan pull. She has a chicken and pig to keep her company until they are purchased for their new homes!

These roses are also ceiling fan pulls. Chris's brother Todd asked Chris to make some for their newly updated bedroom, and he made these to be sold with the farm animal pulls.

More Halloween! We do love Halloween at our house. It is quite a fright here on a daily basis! This cute necklace has ghosties a plenty made of course by Chris, and he also strung the necklace. What a talented guy!

These ghostie earrings are ready to swing onto your ears! I made them in a trapeze style with a wire wrap and seed beads to compliment them in Halloween colors!

I made a bunch of sun catchers for the show using various glass beads, and a beautiful Swarovski prism at the end of each one. This one is my favorite as the prism is huge and has a unique shape to it.
This three piece set is made with crazy lace agate, river stone, Bali silver, various colors of Swarovski crystals. It is so lovely, and the neutrals will go with so many outfits! What are the odds of this one coming to visit my jewelry box?!
This quartet of rings were hand stitched by me using seed beads, tiny Lucite flowers (again from The Hole Bead Shoppe!), and Swarovski flat back sew on stones/flowers. I am so addicted to making these! The variations are endless as are the types of stitches and sizes of seed beads that can be used to make them!
This fun bracelet was also made by Chris. He made the lampwork and then strung the bracelet using his beads with faceted black onyx and white stone, and rectangles of blue goldstone.


Jodie said...

That's a lot of jewelry! It takes me a week to complete one piece :) I take it your hubby got his kiln, then?

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Yep, he is very happy with it!

Angie said...

Beautiful new jewelry! I enjoy seeing the different turns your creativity takes.

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