Monday, August 25, 2008

Beading Blitz

I spent yesterday afternoon (after a luxurious nap) beading my fingers off! I made a bunch of sun catchers for the craft show at Giltner (which starts the first Friday of September), finished up a bracelet Chris had put together with his beads, prepped some Lucite leaves for a charm bracelet, and made a really pretty seed bead ring using a custom Kool-aid Mango Mania mix that Carla at beads and botanicals put together for the Hastings Kool-aid Days celebration. It is a mix of orange, peach, and cream and then I embellished the ring with 3 tiny Lucite flowers across it's top. I really love making the rings. Carla taught me the ladder stitch style and I have since come to love all the combinations, stitch variations, and embellishments that can be added. They are quick to make and a great seller too. The sun catchers are made with a Swarovski prism at the end and the sections of glass colored beads along the cording to add to the beauty of it. Chris has been joyfully appreciating his new kiln and making all types of new things! Yesterday he made his first marbles! He is also working on some new fall leaves to take into beads and botanicals. Hope to get you some new pictures, as we need to work on the pricing/packaging/photographing of our items for the show and get them boxed up and ready to go.

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