Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Favorites

I just visited the "Witchy Chicks" blog and this moring's topic was autumn and your comfort zone. What makes you comfy, happy when blue, or just fun things that you do for yourself? Here are some of my favorite things:}
*Movies~love them or hate them, I will watch them. I am a popcorn addict, so I will go to almost any movie at the theater for some popcorn! Though we recently saw, "Disaster Movie" and that SO wasn't able to be fixed by the popcorn! I think it is running even with our other least favorite movie ever "The Spongebob Movie", which when considered against "Disaster Movie", actually is a bit better! My favorites~Anything with Colin Firth, Clive Owens, or Gerard Butler! Oh wait, that lists guys not movies! The movies would be: P.S. I Love You, Pride and Prejudice (BBC miniseries edition), Bridget Jones' Diary, While You Were Sleeping, and let's not forget the Lord of the Rings movies (Aragorn!), these and a super soft blankie to curl up with!
*TV~We don't watch a lot of "normal channel" tv, but we do try to watch House, M.D. on Tuesdays (love Hugh Laurie, he is so different in this show than what he has done on British tv), I also love Law & Order: SVU and Criminal Intent, but those I usually watch on reruns on USA network. Mina and I like to watch Monk and Psych on USA, too. I would really like to be watching, TruBlood based on the Southern Vampire books by Charlaine Harris, but we don't get HBO and I can't see subscribing to that for the one show.
*Food~Cheezits, Russ's IGA chocolate frosted donuts, popcorn, Dean's French onion dip w/Fritos Scoops. Good Grief, there's a healthy list of snacks! Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate! has to be added to the list! Current Chocolate favorite, M&M selections Mocha flavor!
*Hobbies~Beading (duh!), Reading paranormal romance, science fiction, mysteries, playing video and computer games. Silly but really fun!
*Season~Fall and Spring. The Spring is wonderful for the renewal of growth after the long winter and Fall is great after the hot Summer days, though there weren't that many this year, to have the cool mornings and evenings and warm days.
So what cheers you up when you're down? Provides you with pleasures that are sometimes slightly sinful? Just what secrets are you keeping?!

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