Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Since I haven't gotten much finished lately, I thought I would show you the projects I have in progress. I find starting projects very exciting, finishing them is another story all together! This is a fringed bracelet with blue crazy lace agates, tiny size 15 fringe, topped with tanzanite chips. Pretty, and almost finished. I really hate picking up size 15 seed beads from the carpet! I think the smaller the bead, the higher the chance that they will be spilled repeatedly!
This is going to be a necklace. The millifiori donut is one I recently got on sale from Auntie's beads. I love all the colors that are in the flowers. Friday night I was flipping through one of the beading magazines I get but rarely make anything out of, and I came across the instructions for beaded beads using size 11 seed beads and (I think) 4mm sized Czech glass fire polished beads. And the crazy thing was, I had beads the right size, the right color, and enough to make the beaded beads! Hard to believe that the fates came together that well for me. These beaded beads are so simple I made all of them in a couple hours on Friday night. I did the pendant bail last night using the same seed beads that were in the beaded beads, and a few others to pick up the colors of the beaded beads and the flowers in the donut bead. Now to decide what to string them with. Chain, ribbon, beading wire with seed beads, the options are pretty great!


Carla said...

Pretty projects! Love the fringe (no surprise there)!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Carla! Just wish it was done! I am still listening to the beaded bead project waiting for it to tell me how to finish it!

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