Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mina's "Pimped" Aardvark

A month or two ago, I read an entry on Tara "beadygirl's" blog about an art project called "Pimp My Aardvark". It works in a similar fashion to the summer art series involving bicycles, buffalo, cranes, etc. Everyone starts with the basic item and then you "Pimp" it by doing whatever you are inspired to do with the item in an "artistic" way. This is Mina's Pimped Aardvark. We received two (squeaky) aardvarks to pimp through the starving artist program from Aardvark Art. Mina decided after going through some toys she hadn't played with in awhile, and finding a Bratz doll she forgot she owned that she was the perfect size for an aardvark ride similar to the elephant rides in India, or at the circus or fair. So her pimped aardvark involves a Tommy doll assisting the Bratz doll on to her majestic aardvark which has a seat and steps made from Mega building blocks (generic Legos). (The umbrella is to keep the sun from causing skin cancer to the Bratz doll (how bad can it get her feet have to be remove to change her shoes!)) The Kelly doll is observing from the bushes, and all are apparently listening to tunes on the radio. There were several photos of this (including one that had a naked Tommy doll hanging by his arms from the back fence) aardvark, but since I am the blog master of our house, I chose this one. Keep it clean for the kids! An interesting side note, the back drop and hedge come from my Barbie swimming cabana set from when I was a kid. That was like the greatest Christmas I ever had (except for the one when I found out just before that we were expecting Mina), I got the cabana set and a Barbie case filled with matching Barbie and Ken outfits that my Mom had sewn for me! THAT is love, boys and girls, I have made doll clothes (baby doll clothes not Barbie clothes) for my niece Caitlyn, and I really love her because I have NOT made them for either Mina or my other niece Creighton! COMPLETE INSANITY!

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