Friday, July 4, 2008

New Pictures

Goddess beads (aka naked women) are all over beading sites these days. This is Chris's version of the Goddess. He made about 6 of them for Cottonwood, and though they were greatly admired, (especially by teenage boys and Dads) we haven't sold any. Chris put this necklace together to take into Graham Gallery.
While I was sitting at the Cottonwood Festival, I had time to bead and embroider this felted bead key chain. I really love all the fun things that these beads inspire!

This simple bracelet uses the fringe style seed beads and has a pretty sterling silver charm on it with a mama and baby dolphin.

This gorgeous bracelet puts together Chris's lampwork tab beads, turquoise, and picture jasper with sterling silver accents and toggle.

Here is another bracelet using Chris's lampwork tab beads, but we put silver lined clear seed bead cubes, large Montana Czech glass, and sterling silver rings for movement with the tabs. I LOVE this color combination!

This is the stone fringe bracelet I mentioned in my last post, and the picture doesn't do it justice. The gold and copper in the crystal and seed beads doesn't show up very well against the gray background. We were rushing to get pictures taken of our jewelry so that it could go into Graham Gallery on Thursday.

This gorgeous bracelet was made with apple green magnesite, chocolate brown seed beads, and copper. I love that copper goes so well with so many colors, it is a great value, and a nice change from gold and silver. The large ring in the center front was made by Carla Kocher at beads and botanicals. I really love her hand made accents!

This is a unisex bracelet with turquoise, clear beach glass, jasper, and silver. Love the chunky texture to it, and it all works so well with the beach glass.

This was a special order bead for Matt. We can relate, as it is part of the Call of Cthulu world in the role playing game universe. He plays, and Chris taught me how to play Dungeons and Dragons when we first started dating. One of these days we need to dig through our dusty books, so we can teach Mina how to play! The bead is so cool, and Chris is getting so awesome at doing his character beads.
These next pieces are for another special order for a gal Chris works with who is starting to work on her gift list for Christmas.

This was also part of the special order using a Day of the Dead skull Chris made and sold to the gal at the Cottonwood Festival and her daughter wanted it made into a bracelet like Chris had made with his Shrunken Head Dude. The hair is made from hemp cording that he frayed out.


Carla said...

I am constantly amazed at all of your fabulous creations....I tried to choose a favorite among these, and couldn't--it is all such great stuff, I couldn't choose just one...and the photos are beautiful!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thank you! As you know, photos are always a challenge, and it is a lot of fun to post a bunch of new pics all at once!

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