Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Workin for the weekend...

Happy Midweek to you! I am thankful that today is Wednesday, why is that important loyal reader? Because I am taking the rest of the week off! Thursday is my normal day "off" (spelled running around like a chicken with my errands, shots, etc.) and Mina ends another school year on Friday. It has become a tradition for me to take that day off, go to her grade promotion at school, and then we celebrate with lunch out. The last couple of years we have joined up with our good friends and made a big celebration with our two families. I always enjoy the summers, with the different schedule, more time with Mina, and then at the end of it looking forward to going back to my Thursday's alone to run around crazy again. Last Thursday, I had sinus infection (I found out on Tuesday) so they wouldn't give my allergy shots to me so I got to stay home on Thursday which hadn't happened since February or December! It was pretty wonderful puttering around all day in my jammies! On Saturday, Stuhr Museum in Grand Island has "visit for free" day, which we have made an annual event. The first year we went because Girl Scouts were retiring flags and we had never seen that done before. We ended up being included in the ceremony, and the Civil War reenactment group were there to help as they were putting on a presentation also. They were really awesome. The bugler was amazing and the cannon was also very moving. So we will likely visit the museum on Saturday. Mina loves the Railroad town, which has buildings which are open to the public with people in period dress, doing the jobs they would have done in the "old days". So needless, to say I am very happy that I have a few days off from work. On the beading front, Chris has been "flaming" his fingers to the bone each evening making buttons, bead sets, and even a blown glass bottle last night. I fell at Mina's music concert on Monday, displaying my inherent gracefulness for all to see! I tripped over the conductor platform for the band director! In my defense, it was the same color as the floor, and I was very surrounded by others leaving after the concert ended. Consequently, my wrists, shoulders, back, and knees were killing me yesterday. That didn't help me to bead! But I finished up a beautiful copper and magnesite necklace for my friend Leslie, used some of the copper chain left from her necklace, added some pretty teal cathedral beads from beads and botanicals, and came up with a beautiful bracelet. Sunday afternoon, I made three pair of very pretty dragonfly earrings, and I made a cute ring from a pile of seed beads I didn't want to put away! That worked quite well. I have a necklace in the works from a fringed bracelet that was too big to be a bracelet when I finished it. So adding a seed beaded rope and some of the lovely flowers from The Hole Bead Shoppe I am converting it into a necklace. Obviously, that was what it wanted to be all along! It is really pretty in many shades of blue and silvers and has sterling silver sea life charms tucked into the fringe. I will get pics up soon of the ring, earrings, and the copper projects I finished.

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Carla said...

Looking forward to seeing the pic of Leslie's necklace. It sounds beautiful. Enjoy your time off!

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