Friday, May 9, 2008

Wonderful Surprises in the Mail...

I picked up my mail this morning, and there was a wonderful package in it! I just love getting packages in the mail, and after consulting the address label, found that this wonderful package came from one of my favorite bead supply stores. I have mentioned the Hole Bead Shoppe before, the gals there have fabulous Lucite flowers and leaves which work so well for my fringing fascination! The last order I placed, I picked up some beautiful leaves in burgundy and lilac thinking of a necklace or bracelet for fall, and fabulous little yellow maple leaves that my nephews (all my "kids" (except Mina ironically enough) love to go through my bead boxes) really loved. They are even curved like they have just fallen off a tree! So anyway, back to the package, I opened it thinking there was something missing from my last order that had been back ordered and I just didn't pay attention due the fact I was busy oohing over my new beads. But no, they were treating me to a Large bag of mixed Lucite, flowers, leaves, and butterflies! They mentioned in their very nice letter, that they saw on my blog all the nice things I had said about their shop, and wanted to thank me for telling all of you about them. Wow! Today is Friday, the sun is out, and I have just received one of the nicest compliments I have had in awhile! So this blog is for you Michael, Kelli (love your emails by the way), and Tarlee (check out your Lucite flowers in the rings I have been making posted earlier on the blog)! Thank you so much and I will definitely show you what I have made with the beautiful bag of beads! Check out their website at! They have had some beautiful work in recent magazines which is also shown on their site. So go check them out, and Thanks So Much again guys!


Angie said...

Hi Stephanie. Guess where I was this weekend? I drove to Oklahoma to visit my mother and, of course, had to go to Beading Daily to see if there were any bead shops on my route! I went the The Hole Bead in Bartlesville! Then I read your blog and was astounded! I didn't recall reading about them before. (Unfortunately, not all good information that passes through my brain sticks!)

I purchased a kit to attempt to make one of their bracelets. I'm only just learning the different techniques of seed beading - so wish me luck!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

That is awesome! I am always surprised at the things that link people "in our world" together! It is definitely a small world! They people at the Hole Bead have been very helpful, and I have ordered 2 other times from them, and I can't believe all the beautiful flowers, butterflies, and leaves they sent me! I played with putting them away all weekend, and I have one of their kits to work on too. If you need any help just let me know! If I can't help, I probably know someone who can!

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