Thursday, May 8, 2008

Life gets in the way...

Mina's Girl Scout sash front, this is where all the "official" patches go. We have earned a bunch in the two years as Junior level scouts!
The back of Mina's sash where all the "activity/fun" patches go. We attend a great many events with the girls so they can experience as much fun as possible!
This is my Girl Scout Troop. Chris is in the back row, middle row, Sydney, me, and Donna, then the front row is Mina, Emily, Danea, Adana, and Chyanna. They are a fun bunch of girls, and aren't the girls lucky to have 3 leaders for their troop?! My mom made the bouquet of flowers on the table.
Hi, long time no post. Sorry about that, I have had the hands full lately, so I couldn't type! We had our end of the year banquet Tuesday night for Girl Scouts. The girls wanted to do a potluck banquet, which was wonderful. We had pepperoni pizza, 2 pasta salads, fried chicken, a mexican chip dip, bbq little smokies, mac n cheese, lemonade cake, Samoa cookie brownies, cupcakes, and kettle corn. Nice variety, and yummy! The girls always get a kick out of reviewing what we have done for the year, and we get them talking and telling their guest what they have done. This often illicits giggles from everyone and trying to talk all at once. Next month we are taking the girls for a 2 night stay at Platte River State Park near Gretna, NE. The park is beautiful, and we are going to go horseback riding, swimming at the water park at Mahoney State Park (less than 15 miles from Platte River S.P.) and just looking forward to loads of fun with the girls. I think I am just as excited as they are! Last weekend we went to Lincoln for our nephew Nick's confirmation, and on Saturday we went to Omaha for the Hot Shop's open house. That is a building in the downtown area of Omaha that has been converted into artist studios, a glass blowing forge, a blacksmith forge, and much more that we didn't even get to. I loved watching the glass blowing, and we got to visit with several glass artists. Chris was very happy! He is going to go back next March for a class with Leah Fairbanks (you can see her work at He really likes her floral bead work and wants to learn and take classes which are pretty limited in this part of the country. We met and talked with Margie Shanahan (her work is at who has a studio at the Hot Shops. What a wonderful, fun lady! She had some fish beads made into jewelry with day glow spoon lures from Cabela's. Too cute! I bought some beautiful green sparkle and tiger print encased beads from her which I am itching to work with. Nick's confirmation on Sunday was really nice, except that I was coming down with sinus infection and feeling lousy. Well, I actually got to stay home today on my day off, instead of going to Hastings for allergy shots and errands, and I have lots of things to occupy my day at home before I go get kids from school at 3:30. My good friend Leslie is our usual carpool angel, but she had to "wing" off to help hubby Randy work cattle today so I am doing the driving. I really enjoy listening to the kids, mostly they forget there is an "adult" present and it is so funny to hear them chatter to each other about their day. Happy Mother's day to all the other impossibly busy ladies out there (if I don't get another post in before then), and not just Mom's that should get to celebrate, there are many wonderful women in every child's life that don't get any credit when it rolls around to Mother's Day. Aunt's, Big Sisters, Friends, Grandmas, Neighbors, and special Bead Shop Owners come to mind. You ladies are important to all of us, and even if they don't make cards to celebrate you, I do!


Carla said...

Happy Mothers Day, my friend. Thanks for sharing all of that wonderful stuff!

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thanks Carla~Your are a great "mom" to your kids even if you do leave your shoes on the table and they nest in them. Thanks for everything.

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