Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Pictures

Here are the talented Girl Scout Volunteers who received awards for being even more Outstanding than what is asked of them. You can see Chris (the only guy) in the middle back and standing beside him to the right in the white sweater is Donna Kerr also from our Blue Hill group. She has been in Girl Scouts nearly longer than I have been alive! When she fills out registrations that ask her age, she puts older than dirt on them! She is a great lady to be around and has tons of stories to tell us "young" leaders.

This fun summer necklace mixes quartz crystal chips and random colors of resin rounds. The resin beads are some of my favorites because I love all the colors they come in and they are the perfect size for earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.

This is a set I made for a gal from Giltner. She actually ordered it last fall, but because I am SO slow, I just got it done last week! It combines a tropical seed bead mix with yellows, oranges, greens, and turquoise colors mixed, and then I added green, orange, and yellow cat's eye, and large green mother of pearl ovals as the focal beads. The bracelet has a fun flower toggle for the clasp. This is a set I made for a gal from Clay Center. The picture doesn't do it justice. I used cream seed beads, the "new" Mocca and Dark Brown pearls from Swarovski and partnered them with copper, some creamy yellow pearls also Swarovski, and a natural stone that brings it all together, that of course I can't recall the name of (HELP CARLA!). Beautiful set that came about from Barb purchasing my earrings and wanting the rest made to match!

This is Chris's latest critter creation. It is a lovely peachy pink pig and he is strung on a bracelet that Chris also put together. He also made the coordinating spacer beads.

These are a couple felted pins I made to go with earrings I had previously made, so they could be put together as sets for sale at Great Dames in Hastings, NE. The blue flower has aquamarine Swarovski crystals and neon lime seed beads for embellishment and the pink heart has a pink/brick red/orange seed bead mix which highlights the heart edge and the flower edge and makes the pistols for the flower and attaches the butterfly button. I really love playing with the felt and seed beads!


Carla said...

Wow! What a feast of beautiful new stuff to look at!! I think the stone you are referring to is magnesite.

Stephanie & Chris Haussler said...

Thank you, yes that is the stone I can never remember!

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